All Natural Moisturizer, Let’s Mix It Up!

Promises in a jar, it gets confusing. As a New Yorker and former model we don’t have time to waste. Making my own beauty products is a great way to ensure I’m using natural, healthy ingredients.  This recipe is quick and works great for every day use and is great for every part of your body.

Here is a list of the natural ingredients included and why they are good for your skin.

  • Lemon grass oil helps the body naturally detoxify and eliminate.
  • Borax powder is a natural chemical substance, can be found in the detergent section of the grocery store.
  • Beeswax heals and absorbs easily in the body.
  • Add vitamin E, for extra moisturize.


(use glass mixing containers)

1/4 teaspoon borax powder
2 tablespoons grated beeswax
1/4 distilled water
1 tablespoon lemon grass oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E


Dissolve the borax in water, set aside.
Next boil some water, place a glass jar in it of the mixture of the bees wax and your oils. Now slowley marry the two, pour the borax in, keep mixing, stir briskly. Then pour lotion into a clean container with a lid, let cool.

Now you have the BEST lotion you will ever use. I use it on my face to my toes, smells great and you will glow while you help your body detoxify.

YOU’RE WELCOME!!! Cherie xoxo


About Cherie Corso:  Former model, entrepreneur and beauty expert, Cherie is founder and creator of G2 Organics LLC.  She has had a passion for beauty products since she was a little girl. Cherie feels that we have too many toxins in our products so she mixes her own recipes.

“I love products that come from high end stores but don’t always like whats in them or the prices. So I mix products that work and won’t hurt the environment or YOU.”

Cherie has a degree in marketing and is a Reiki healer.  Cherie believes that we are all in this together and can be sexy, stylish and healthier. Lets face it nobody can do it all, but little by little we can change the way we look at things for the better.

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