The Truth About Adult Acne Skin Care

For many adults the occasional blemish continues to mar their otherwise healthy skin. After following scores of adult acne skin care advice and researching everything they can find on cleansing skin care they find their adult acne a reoccurring issue. Studies have shown that an estimated one in five adults, 25 – 44, experience adult acne. This can have the same devastating effect on an adult’s self-esteem and body image as their first bout of puberty induced acne.

What a lot of adults suffering from adult acne overlook is the basic fact that their acne is often influenced by several factors, that may or may not be in their control. It is therefore very important to pay close attention to the basics of proper adult acne skin care treatments. With a little reliable skin care advice, they can virtually eliminate those occasional adult acne outbreaks that can occur on the face, back, shoulders, neck, chest or limbs. There is no fool proof cure for acne, so start with the basics and remember that most mild breakouts of adult acne can be handled with proper adult acne skin care.

The Simple Wash

The best skin care advice for the acne prone is to wash your face gently from the jaw upward with mild soap once a day, twice if you wear makeup daily. Acne is actually not caused by dirt so proper cleansing skin care entails staying away from frequent washes with harsh substances such as alcohol-based products. Proper adult acne skin care dictates that simply washing with lukewarm water and using clean hands rather than a washcloth may work best for some; the trick is to avoid irritating the skin. Bonus Beauty Tip: Use caution with cleansing items that advertise they are formulated for acne prone skin. They may actually leave otherwise healthy skin dry and irritated.

Eliminate Your Sweat

One beauty secret of the svelte and flawless is to rinse off immediately after your workout. As you exercise your body heats up causing perspiration that mixes with your skin’s surface oils, trapping foreign substances in your pores. Therefore, your best skin care advice is to rinse, towel off and change into clean dry clothes immediately. Never sit around in your sweaty clothes as this will encourage the production of adult acne on your back, chest and other parts of your body encased in tight work out attire.

Use only Noncomedogenic Hair and Skin Care Products

The best cleansing skin care products to eliminate adult acne are those that are noncomedogenic. These are products that do not clog your pores. The trick to successful acne skin care is to eliminate any hair conditioners, gels, cosmetics, moisturizers or sunscreens that do not fit into this category. Bonus Beauty Advice: During summertime activities or exercise, anytime when you are inclined to sweat; wear as little makeup as possible as even oil-free and noncomedogenic cosmetics can clog pores when worn during heavy, sweaty activities.


Adult acne can be a very depressing condition, when proper adult acne skin care is unknown and unpracticed. Unlike its pubescent counter-part its causes can be very simple and easy to manage.  A diligent cleansing skin care routine, the use of proper products and minor adjustments to ones daily life can all but eliminate stubborn adult acne and boost your self confidence in no time. 

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