Makeup Tips for Smooth Skin

Are you looking for a clean, fresh look for your spring makeup collection? You can achieve radiant, smooth skin by toning down your makeup routine.

Don’t over-do it this spring with heavy application. Keep things light and simple using the following makeup tips from our expert contributors and professional makeup artists that will keep your skin looking natural and youthful.

Keep It Light and Breezy

The best way to look fresh – and younger! – is to use as little product as you can get away with. You want people to see your skin and let whatever color cosmetics you choose (such as a bright lip, or a smoky eye) take center stage. So, repeat after me: heavy coverage is out, soft is in!

For starters, don’t take the word “foundation” too literally. You don’t have to plaster your entire face with base. Once you’ve found a good color match, apply only where you need coverage and let your healthy skin shine through! If you already stick to sheer products like tinted moisturizers, you’ve got that “covered” – but if not? Make your own! A full-coverage liquid or cream foundation can be thinned with moisturizer until you achieve the perfect level of coverage. Start with a very light application and build up to the amount of coverage you need, where you need it.

Got a bit of redness? Start with a sheer layer of a green or yellow color correcting primer to neutralize the flush, and then apply your skintone shade on top. Use a translucent powder to set.

Over-plucked brows will age your face just as fast as cakey makeup will. Your eyebrows provide the frame for your beautiful face, and their shape is very important, but don’t overdo it: a natural brow is far more youthful and flattering than a thin, heavily plucked one! Your best bet is to get a professional brow shaping from an esthetician, and then maintain their shape. Before you pluck out any hairs, brush your brows straight up and carefully trim the tips that reach above your brow – you may find that you don’t have to pluck as many as you thought. This will keep your brows from becoming too sparse.

Liz Washer, Professional Makeup Artist, Makeup Artistry by Liz

Spring Makeup: Clean and Crisp with a Twist

We love natural makeup, but this Spring, the eyes can go more intense with a little more liner around the eyes. Try a dark brown or black pencil and a lighter brown or violet shadow blended over it. Use an all over eye shadow in peach for fair, matte gold for medium or orange for deeper skin tone. Use a liquid eyeliner on the top lid only.

Cheek color is peachy or pink. Lips can be sheer but keep it very simple. Use colors without frost or lots of gloss. Intense eyes and a natural clean face will say “I’m natural and fashion forward!”

Diana Solomon, Makeup Artist

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