Save Minutes to Save Hours with Time Management Techniques

Pixmac000079634043While it may seem inconceivable for you to save an hour a day, the secret to achieving this objective is to try to save minutes on each of your tasks. If you can do that, before you know it, an extra hour will be yours.

Before you start on any time management scheme, you must decide upon your priorities. Keep in mind that perfectionism and time management are not necessarily compatible. The first step is to make a list of all your responsibilities, activities and commitments. Upon examining this list, decide which can be eliminated, modified, shared or reduced.

Time saving hints may include the following:

1. Learn to say no, nicely of course.
2. Limit interruptions by turning on the answering machine. Additionally, limit a visitor’s time and learn to firmly end conversations, meetings, etc.
3. Use a calendar to avoid overbooking or double booking commitments.
4. Use a support system, including children, family, and friends.
5. Learn to delegate.
6. Spend time on instituting a comprehensive filing system so that every piece of paper has its place and is always within reach.
7. Help your family to help themselves; teach members how to do various chores.
8. Manage other’s expectations by asking: “What do I want?” “What do they want?” and “Can I do it?”
9. Make a daily to do list; prioritize items and then constantly revise it as circumstances change.
10. Don’t procrastinate; do your worst task first and get it over with.
11. Make sure to schedule personal time.

Obviously, this is a very simplified list, and each person must individualize a time management plan that fits her own lifestyle, job and family. The most important thing seems to be the ability to let go of the little things. For example, if the house is a little dusty or the beds aren’t made perfectly, it’s okay.

Always remember that your time is precious, and each day you’re only granted a finite amount of hours in which to complete your myriad of tasks. Use every precious 24 hours (or 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds) wisely and to their fullest capacity.

Ellen Gerst, Author, Coach and Workshop Leader


About the Author:  Ellen Gerst is a Grief and Relationship Coach, author and workshop leader who helps her clients and readers to change their perspective in order to move gracefully through difficult life circumstances to find success and a renewal of their zest for living and loving. She is the author of several books on both grief and relationships, as well as topics that include: spirituality, caregiving for aging parents, fitness and weight loss, networking and social media for entrepreneurs, teen pregnancy prevention, building confidence and the importance of a positive attitude.Find these books and more on Amazon.

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