Take These Actions Steps to Relieve Stress

It is said that action kills fear. And I think this can be true for just about anything. Taking the right action steps to positively influence your body and mind can bring you out of an overwhelming situation and relieve the stress you feel there.

Try setting yourself in motion by using the following stress management techniques to help you overcome those anxious moments, or avoid them all together.

Stress: Conquering the New Frontier

Having an understanding of exactly what stress is, how it is contagious, how sometimes it’s a benefit, and how to custom fit relief techniques that work for you can be the difference between survival and being able to thrive in your workplace.

1. Avoid eating lunch with coworkers who are going to use your nourishing time to complain about work, family, debt or other problems. This is your time. Protect it.

2. Learn some simple short term tips such as looking at uplifting pictures, reading lines from poems or prayers, simple breathing/meditation techniques and easy movement that fits within your work space, such as a few slow yoga or tai chi moves just to recenter yourself at periods through out the day.

3. Keep a few nourishing snacks and water or juice on hand. Mint (unless you have acid reflux) will help to keep you alert.

4. Put together a comfort kit with hand lotion, roll on aromatherapy, favorite tea or cocoa.

5. Plan that each day you will do something different at lunch to broaden your vista such as learn 5 new words of a new language, study a piece of art, write a love letter to loved ones,or Fantasy sport if you’re a man.

6. Keep a notebook just for enriching your lunchtimes and break times as well. You’ll be glad you did.

Khadi Madama, Independent Wellness Consultant, Madama Consulting

Daily Stress Reduction

Movement is key to reducing stress and brain overload. To move your body grounds you in it and draws attention from your mind and the intense emotion of stress, shifting your consciousness. When you are in stress, you are not in power. Using movement through any form of activity, exercise or just a fews jumps with the conscious thinking that you are transforming stress emotion into power, overriding the mechanical brain from repeating itself will snap you out of it.

Sound is another quick shifter of stress. Inspiring, powerful music, sounds that engage you into power. The key is to engage another level of being than just your mind consciously. Stress is created in the mind, anyway you can bring in presence will reduce the effects of it.

In Aharaj Yoga we use the three aspects of ourselves to get back on track when stress occurs.

Movement for the physical body.
Emotion to express the angst in a state of fury to transform it.
Thinking, mental body, conscious thoughts of power to release whatever is bothering you.

We also use sound, “HA!” to move the energy out of your body as we move.

I use these techniques throughout the day as needed, bringing myself back to presence, focus and forward moving activities toward my goals. Extremely powerful knowledge!

Lyn Hicks, Aharaj Yoga Teacher, The Lotus Project at Harmony Hill Gardens

How to relax your mind and body into tranquility.

1. Squeeze and release muscles while sighing out tension. This can be done to your whole body in just 5 minutes.

2. Belly breathing. Breathe deep an feel your navel rise and fall with each breath. With each exhalation, relax your jaw, lips and tongue.

3. Exercise and get your heart pumping for at least 30 mins. During this time disconnect from all your stress, worries and concerns and feel free!

4. Take a gentle yoga class that’s designed to undo tensions and set you up for relaxation.

5. Go on itunes and try out some hypnosis, meditation or guide visualizations podcasts.

Jane Foody, Yoga teacher, hypnotist and doctor of physical therapy, yogajanetraining


What activity do you have on your agenda today that will help you unwind and relieve stress?

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