7x7x7 Meditation


Meditation offers us a way to step out of whatever is going on in life and reset. I have found it to be the most invaluable practice to relax, redirect and rejuvenate. 7x7x7 Meditation is a wonderful way to sync your breathe to your heart beat and stop a rambling mind. The health benefits to resetting your breath and heartbeat are plentiful, they even have apps for those with anxiety doing a similar method to this ancient technique of Raja Yoga.

First you find your heart beat so you can hear it and count the beats. The wrist pulse point or on your neck  right next to your adam’s apple are easiest. You can pick which is easier to hear and sense your heart beat so you can count as you breath. Once you have your heart beat pulse, to begin you inhale and exhale first through your mouth. Now breathing through you nose, inhale one breath to 7 heartbeats, exhale one breath to 7 heartbeats, that is one cycle. You do that 7 in and 7 out 7 times or complete 7 cycles, breathing through your nose. Once your have completed the cycle 7 times, breath in and out of your mouth to end. Thus the name, 7x7x7 , you inhale to count of 7 heartbeats, exhale count of 7 heart beats, doing 7 times. Easy to remember.

This calms you, diverts your mind to concentrate on hearing your heartbeat, counting, breathing, and syncs your bodies (emotional, mental and physical) all to the rhythm of your precious heartbeat.  A wonderful way to begin learning to control your mind, your breath and awareness for other meditations. For a beginner or a master, a powerful one for all, the purpose is to connect all your bodies into a relaxed state, rhythmic to your heart. You can do this as many times a day as necessary. The school where I was taught suggested doing this several times a day for health.

A great meditation, supports great health and provides a relaxing break switching you into calm clarity. Try it and you decide the benefits from your own experience! Enjoy!

Written by: Lyn Hicks, Educator of Health & Wellness


About the Author: Lyn Hicks is an educator of health, well being and green living. Trained in Tia Chi Chuan, Aharaj Yoga, and ancient feminine cultures, she shares her yoga living on her organic flower farm in Pennsylvania. Educating others to live with more connection to their bodies, to allow our innate health system and intuition to strengthen.  Author of the newly released book, The Lotus Project, the art of being a woman offers many ways to shift into a happier, healthier life. www.lotusprojectbook.com

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