Dr. Gayle Joplin Hall

Gayle Joplin Hall, PhD: Doctor in Psychology, The Happiness Life Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker and Expert in Domestic Violence, Crisis Analysis, Behavior Consultation, and PTSD, Professor, and Mentor. She is President and Founder of Dr. G. J. Hall Enterprises, LLC.

As a people lover, it was only natural for Gayle to leave corporate America after 15 years and cross over to Academia. She became a Professor in college-her students adored her. Nonetheless, God was constantly tapping on her shoulder to reach out to bigger audiences and teach more people. In December of 2010, Gayle took a sabbatical from teaching, to brand her Life Coaching Business. Hence, the formation and trademarking of Dr. Hall on Call. Her Company is based on the philosophy of positive psychology and the law of attraction.

Gayle has studied people and human behavior for over two decades. What she noticed was a common factor among people everywhere–we have choices to be happy with our lives or to make changes. Many people remain stuck in their situations because of fear. As a victor of Domestic Violence, Gayle realized this about herself. Fear of failure had kept her from pursuing her dreams of fulfilling her mission to reach global audiences with multiple platforms. This included starting her Coaching business, speaking engagements, co-authoring books, and writing her own first two books about Domestic Violence. She is now transparent and shares her stories, life, and wisdom with the world.

“It makes me a better person to be a part of something bigger.” As one of the touchstone quotes in Gayle’s repertoire, this has grounded her for over 20 years. Gayle has donated over 5,000 hours of service to Domestic Violence and served 32 families with Hospice during their times of need. Her service work encompasses the homeless population, the isolated elderly, Veterans and the USO, homeless children and the YWCA, and BACA.

Caring, compassion, dedication, happiness, integrity, laughing, loving, and serving…these words embrace Gayle Joplin Hall’s core belief system. Gayle will guide you in decisions about love, relationships, careers, goal-setting, anxiety, divorce, meditation, fear, PTSD, children, happiness, LGBT, stress, spirituality, and more. The value she brings to each person’s life resonates long after she is gone.

Contact Dr. Gayle Hall, so she can help you discover your bliss and passion. Schedule your “Hall-Call” or to inquire about a speaking engagement, please visit: http:// drhalloncall.com