Catrice Jackson

Expert advice from Catrice JacksonCatrice M. Jackson, a dynamic sought after empowerment speaker, life designer and organizational consultant/trainer is on a mission to reach thousands of women in her life time and tell them about the delicious life. Catrice is a master expert at helping people face and conquer their fears through her signature program, The Art of Fear Free Living™. She has been on a relentless mission since 1997 to help people embrace and live the concept of “there is nothing to fear including fear itself.” Catrice’s messages are fresh, innovative and simply delightful as she helps women and organizations become delicious from the inside out.

Catrice is the CEO of Catriceology Worldwide, a global speaking and consulting enterprise committed to helping people live and work fearlessly to obtain their desired life. Catrice provides real and relevant training and keynote presentations loaded with right-now strategies for transformation and solutions for lasting change.She is convinced that when people get out of their own way and quiet the inner critic they can create a masterpiece called “their fearless authentic life.”

Catrice is no stranger to living in fear. She’s been on a life-long journey of self-discovery and fearless living and knows from personal experience that “fear” will block your blessings, make you miserable, steal your joy and smother your dreams unless you choose to take intentional steps wake to up, embrace and activate your fearless genius within. Here she will guide us with her expert advice to embrace and create deliciously vibrant lives while going through all the life transitions women face.