Sexy Over 40: Layer on the Sexy

Maintaining a smooth and sexy figure can be achieved with something other than a fitness membership! Our experts have provided us with the secret to being sexy over 40. It’s so secret, in fact, that most never even see or know your hidden weapon.

Learn how to use what’s nearly invisible to your advantage by applying the following tips to your wardrobe:

Sexy begins on the inside, being confident and happy in your own skin, goes a long way. Next wearing proper under garments can really add the perfect lift for a more sexy figure.

P H Jones, Author, P H Jones


Layer on the Sexy

Confidence is key to dressing sexy. Start by wearing the right shapewear to build your look. From high panty briefs to full body girdles, along with a proper fitting bra will create a solid foundation for everything else. carries some of the most exquisite shapewear with lace and embroidered undergarments of all sizes that will help sculpt and tantalize at the same time, making you feel sexy and supported.

Up the ante with sequins. Find a piece that works for you. If you’re comfortable with a little sparkle start off with one piece, like a scarf with sequins to add to a blouse; make a statement with sequin pumps paired with a little black dress; and if you’re adventurous go for a dress in rich jewel toned sequins like gold, sapphire or ruby. This season Aidan Mattox, David Meister, Tahari, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein all have misses and women’s sizes available.

Complete the look with a clutch, jewelry and if you’re feeling a little naughty, substitute your regular pantyhose for a pair of thigh highs.

Kendra Porter, Image Consultant, Honor You


The Proper Support

  • Start with having the right undergarments: you will need a body slimmer (so you can wear a form fitting skirt or dress with/out seeing your underwear line and it smooths your fat creating a seamless, smooth surface.  The correct bra size will help lift up “the girls”.
  • A dress or skirt should fall 1- 2 inches above your knee. If you hate your legs wear black opaque tights with black heels or boots.
  • Find a pair of 2′ heels that you will actually wear. As we get older our feet change. You might be a narrow or wide. Find out what your true shoe size is and find a heel that doesn’t kill your feet.

Lauren Schugar, Wardrobe Stylist, Modern Image

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