How The Celebrity Beauty Stars Keep Their Hot Bodies!

Celebrity BeautyOne of my favorite topics to report on is celebrity beauty, their current fashion trends, and celebrity style advice. I’m always fascinated with how hard celebrity beauty stars work to maintain their rockin’ bods!

Current fashion trends typically involve Size-4 or less bodies and so our celebrity stars have to be at the leading edge. 

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Here’s a few of the rockin’ bods I follow and their celebrity beauty diets and exercise regimens.

  • Carrie Underwood – Avoids unhealthy late-night snacks. The country star has a strict policy to help maintain her Size-2 shape while on tour. “I don’t eat out,” the singer, who stocks her fridge with veggie burgers and black beans, says. “No after-show pizza!” And when the vegetarian (who shed 20 pounds after winning American Idol in 2005) has an occasional pasta splurge, she says “I make it a point to get up and work out.” Her circuit-training sessions with her trainer (who also works with her hockey-star hubby, Mike Fisher) are certainly no joke. “We try to hit every part.”
  • Jenny McCarthy – stays slim by sipping veggie-based soups. One secret to her slamming Size-4 body – a spoon! “I’m a soup-aholic!” Jenny talks of whipping up butternut squash and other broths in her Montel Williams soup maker. “I put my vegetables in, and in seven minutes, I have hot pureed soup. It’s yummy and filling!” The former Weight Watchers devotee (who lost 60 pounds after the birth of her son Evan, 8) also stays fit with thrice-weekly Bikran yoga sessions. “I built a studio in my garage,” she says. “I have five space heaters from Target and five humidifiers in there!”
  • Jennifer Aniston – Her top snack is white peaches with a piece of string cheese. She sticks to healthy eats – like fish. When it comes to keeping her famous figure fit, the actress is religious about her eating habits. The onetime Zone Diet devotee often has fruit and yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch, and broiled fish and steamed vegetables for dinner. And she’s just as committed to workouts: While filming Just Go With It in Hawaii last spring, the Size-2 star, 41, hit the treadmill and StairMaster at the hotel gym for up to two hours per session. “I do some cardio for at least 20 minutes a day,” says Jennifer. She also does yoga with a pro. “Even that short burst makes a difference.” Adds a friend, “Jen is very conscious of taking care of her body.

  • Halle Berry – The star does lunges with weights to tone her legs and abs. Keeping a taut tummy isn’t the Frankie & Alice star’s only motivation. “If I stick to exercising every day and put the right things in my mouth, then my diabetes just stays in check,” says 44 year old Halle. For the mom of Nahla, 2, that means filling up on salads and lean protein while staying fit with 30-minute cardio and circuit-training workouts four days a week. She trains with intensity as it burns a lot of calories.

Super Star Jennifer Lopez gives her personal tips

Says “you have to really work at it but I’m glad I do.” The mom of twins, Emme and Max, who has shed more than 50 pounds since their 2008 birth, knows there are no shortcuts to a hot bod. “You’ve got to diet and exercise, you just have to.” For Lopez, that means controlling portions and limiting bread, sugar, and alcohol. Recently the singer, who has a Kohl’s fashion line with hubby Marc Anthony, has been toning her sexy curves with a dance cardio and muscular-structure workouts five days a week. “Jennifer has an insane ability to move and connect with her body.”

  • Denise Richards – Snacks on mini-meals all day long. “My friends make fun of me because I literally carry around a small cooler filled with snacks,” the mom of two, 39, says of trading bigger meals for all-day munching. (Her favorites are Greek yogurt and soup.) But no one’s laughing at the results. “I feel more fit than I did in my twenties”, says the actress, whose workouts include Pilates and a cardio-dance class. “I’ve never felt healthier!”

Style advice in today’s glamorous world and, certain, current fashion trends are driven by the leading models, actresses – aka celebrity beauty stars. It’s obvious they are dedicated and I mean really dedicated to faithfully eating healthy, high protein, low carb diets and religiously exercising. This allows them to set good examples for the rest of us and be out in front with current fashion trends

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