How Flowers Can Impact Your Health!

It’s well known that we all want to live our best life possible. For many of us, this involves starting on a journey of self-discovery that includes better health, nutrition, and exercise. On average, we spend almost 10,000 dollars per person on healthcare every year. That is a lot of money, and that figure isn’t even considering the fact that U.S. adults spend roughly 33.9 billion dollars on complementary or alternative health factors like supplements, gym memberships, and literature in one year. On our quest to improve our lives, we might be overlooking a simple item growing in our backyards that could improve our health: flowers.


The Impact of Flowers On Your Health


When many of us think about flowers and our health, we almost automatically consider allergies. Sure, allergies are the 6th leading chronic illness in the United States alone. While those numbers are nothing to sneeze at, we need to look beyond the symptoms and realize that there are many hypoallergenic plants that everyone can enjoy. This is important to note, because there is a lot of research is unearthing that many of our favorite flowers and plants can actually influence our mental and physical wellbeing.


Yes, those bouquets and flower arrangements are actually doing more than brightening up our homes, offices, and hospital rooms. Experts have studies where flowers have been proven to reduce stress, improve overall happiness, and even affect the amount of pain medication patients require while in the hospital. There are also findings that show access to plants and nature can improve memory, concentration, and calm children with ADHD. If you aren’t impressed yet, consider that many plants can also help filter and improve our indoor air quality within our homes and offices. That is a lot of flower power!


In addition to being around flowers, we can also tap into their natural healing abilities in the form of herbal medicines and flower essences. For centuries, we have used flowers and herbs to treat and manage a variety of illnesses and conditions. Even today’s modern medicine was founded on the basic principles that were learned over the years from herbal remedies. Today, we often supplement our health with common herbal treatments, such as: mint for upset stomachs, dried marigolds to treat skin conditions, oil of oregano to relieve shingles, and hibiscus to reduce blood pressure.


Growing the Benefits of Flowers on Your Health


Now that we know the multiple benefits of flowers and plants when it comes to our health, we can use this knowledge to improve our daily living. Listed below are a few tips to embrace the health benefits of flowers and plants:


  • Splurge and buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite blooms to put in your home or at work on your desk.

  • Use more plants and flowers in your decorations and embrace natural elements instead of plastics.

  • Grow a garden in your backyard or in small containers on your deck.

  • Bring the outdoors in, by adding houseplants to your living and working quarters.

  • Start a small herb garden or grow a few in your window to have easy access to the plants that will benefit your health.

  • Donate or give flowers to people who are convalescing in the hospital or nursing home.

Looking Forward…


We know that our favorite flowers and plants can do some pretty amazing things, especially when it comes to our physical and mental health. Thankfully, we can access flowers relatively easy, either by looking out our windows or bringing them inside. So, the next time you are feeling a little down or under the weather, make sure you take a few moments to stop and smell the roses. It might just be what the doctor would order.


How do you plan to take advantage of the natural health benefits of plants and flowers?



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