Meaningful Gift Ideas For The Powerful Women In Your Life

We all know a Wonder Woman—a Princess Diana of Themyscira. Maybe it’s our mother, a sister, a teacher or someone even at arm’s length. There are strong inspiring women everywhere, women who move mountains, who wipe away tears…women who make the world a better place.

While we celebrate a woman’s worth on designated days like Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, or even on birthdays, spontaneously celebrating strong women for their impact and for making life better means so much. Tell the women in your life what they really mean; because they need to hear it…they deserve to hear it.

For those wonderful women—mothers, friends, sisters, loved ones…heroes—give a gift that shows them who they are to you. And celebrate their wisdom, courage and dedication in a way that makes an impact.


Messages in a Bottle

Buy a beautiful glass bottle or jar (with a lid) and fill it with all the reasons she has touched your life. Celebrate her humor, her wisdom, her selflessness or even her quirky personality. Celebrate all the ways that she is unique and special…and write them down! Decorate the jar or bottle with ribbons in her favorite colors, or leave the bottle to shine on its own.


Beautiful Bouquets

Send her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Or if she has a sweet tooth, opt for candy or a cookie (or fruit) bouquet. Personalize it with a special note…handwritten, of course. You may choose to anonymously send the bouquet or deliver it with your name attached…or even surprise her by delivering the bouquet yourself.


A Personalized Ring

Celebrate the day she was born, the day she first impacted your life or another day or event that marked a turning point in your relationship. Each day of our lives is represented by a specific lunar phase. Celebrate her with a ring featuring a moon charm glowing with the lunar phase that represents one special moment in time.


A Wonder Woman Pendant

Celebrate the Wonder Woman in your life with a gold Wonder Woman insignia charm pendant. Add diamonds or rubies for a touch of luxe. You may also choose to engrave her initials on the back.


A Birthstone Pendant Representing Your Relationship

Create a personalized pendant featuring each of your birthstones to symbolize the unbreakable bond. Choose a heart, an infinity symbol, or a perfect circle. Or create your own unique design.


Designate a Day for Her

If you have the time and resources, plan a day to celebrate her. Schedule a spa day and lunch and give her a day of pampering and relaxation. Make sure you talk to the spa to arrange tipping in advance, so she doesn’t feel obliged.


Don’t wait for a birthday or another special occasion to tell the strong woman you admire how much she means to you…and to everyone around her. Tell her now. And give her a gift that shows the role she plays in your life and in the world. We all wish to be the change and an inspiration, and to know that she has touched your life—and the lives of others—just might mean everything to her.

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