Know Yourself, Know Your Hair

Healthy Hair is the result of taking good care of yourself. If you are constantly washing, drying, coloring, stripping, and repeating your hair will show the effects of wear. You might wonder, how can I avoid those processes? It’s how we style and beautify our hair.

Our experts share with us their theories behind healthy hair. Learn how to know yourself, know your stylist, know your hair.

Hair is like a Chanel Suit, you have to take care of it.

First you need to find a great hair dresser that is educated not only in fashion and what is new , but someone that can customize a look that fits your lifestyle, face shape and texture of hair. It is great to stay fresh, but trendy doesnt work for everyone . I always tell my guests that their hair is like a piece of fabric and the hair will only do what the scull shape and the texture will allow it to do.

So, lets adress the fabric of the hair per se. If you had a beautiful Chanel suit but it had been washed, dried and ironed every day and the fabric was worn out then the design wouldnt really matter. Same with hair!  That is where knowledge is power and you need to find someone educated to keep your hair looking young and beautiful.

Treat your hair like a beautiful silk blouse. How would you maintain the beauty of the fabric and shape? That is how I address youthful hair. It’s not how long or short it is. It is more about shape, suitability, and whether or not you can reproduce the look at home.  Do you have the tools and products to take care of it? Hair needs protein and moisture, so to keep hair youthful and beautiful give it the nutrients that it needs . The most important items in your hair care system should consist of:

  • Your shampoo, it prepares the hair for conditioning
  • Great styling products
  • And, most important, a good hair dryer

Always use a heat protectant before any heat hits your hair. Remember the silk blouse.

Rose Fraser, Owner, Hair Reflections

The Process of NOT Over Processing

I recommend lots of hydrating and moisturizing conditioners. Keep chemical applications to a minimum because they break down the integrity of the hair and dry it out causing breakage and dull hair. It’s important to not over process your hair by relaxing it to frequently. Using a ceramic flat iron to straighten roots in between touch-ups will allow you to go longer periods of time in between applications.

Also, lighten up on your color treatments. Alternatives such as colored clip-in extensions, color sprays are both good ways to giving your hair added fun. Ombre highlights are also a great way to add color and not have to worry about the maintenance required with most color applications. If you’re covering grays there are a lot of organic colors on the market now that are not as harsh as the common ammonia based dyes.

Kiyah Wright, Two-time Emmy Award Winning Hairstylist, Muze Hair

How do you keep your style looking youthful and your hair healthy?

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