Own 2014: Tips for Successful New Year Resolutions

iStock_000014752466XSmallNew Year, New you! Resolutions excite us for what the year will bring and the positive changes that come with it. But if you’re making New Year resolutions, how will you stick with them? Making changes is all about having the right tools. Follow these tips to ensure your resolutions will stick.

Be specific

By writing out exactly what you want to achieve, you’re setting yourself up for a better idea of how to do it. Rather than saying, “I want to have clearer skin this year,” make your goal “I want to wash my face twice a day.” By being specific, you will feel more of an achievement as time progresses because you will know exactly what marks you have hit.

Have a game plan

Being healthy is about making the right choices and it’s easier to slip when you don’t have a plan. If your goal is about eating healthier, create your meal plan and prepare your meals at the beginning of the week. Then you have no excuse not to follow the plan when it has already been done.

Enlist a support team

Letting your friends and family know what you want to achieve will help you in the long run. Your support team will encourage you to follow through with your goals and help you get back up when you fall off the horse. And when the excuses start to roll in, your support team will be there to help remind you of why you wanted to change in the first place.

Consult with a professional

First, consider whether or not professional help would benefit you. Running a marathon? Enlist a personal trainer. Want better skin, but not sure how? Schedule an appointment with an esthetician. Professionals can help you make your goals attainable and set a clear path for them.

Track your progress

Try keeping a diary or pictures of your efforts. By seeing the changes you’ve made, you’ll have more motivation to continue toward your goals. Changes happen slowly, so by keeping track you won’t feel as though you haven’t made any progress.

Don’t punish yourself for slipping

Changing doesn’t happen overnight. If part of your goal is to wear a masque twice a week and you forget, keep up with the plan as if you didn’t. You are bound to slip once in a while, and as new habits are hard to form, there is no benefit in coming down on yourself. Being quick to forgive yourself and continue with the plan is how you will remain successful.

Written by: Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS / CEO, Enza Essentials


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