How to Create the Best 4th of July Photos

Browsing through Facebook, I am always impressed by the fun and creative photos people post. Technology is making it easier and easier to capture the perfect shot, then transform it into something truly spectacular. Learn from our expert guest blogger how to capture and display your 4th of July memories right from your smartphone!

July 4th Smartphone Pics with Pizzaz

The Fourth of July is almost here. This year, make the 4th of July a time to gather friends and family, eat lots of food, watch fire(works) and of course, take lots of pictures. So how can you make sure your 4th of July smartphone pictures you take stand out?

The Basics:

1. Make sure the lens is clean
2. Good lighting (don’t forget the flash if needed)
3. Create interesting poses or shoot from interesting angles
4. Check your High Resolution on your Smartphone camera (most of the newer ones have this, the higher the better).

If the photos just don’t seem to live up to the excitement of your July 4th bash, add some pizzazz with photo modification applications. Android users can download Vignette for approximately $4, and iPhone users can get Instagram for free. Both applications allow you to quickly add effects, modify color or make shots sepia, black-and-white, or retro before easily uploading to Facebook or Twitter.

If you didn’t get any worthy shots with your phone, never fear. Google’s Picasa is a great free photo modification program that will allow you to crop, eliminate red eye, modify color, add effects, frames or stickers to any photo on your computer. Your friends will wonder, “Where was the professional photographer?” We won’t divulge your secret.

Andrea Eldridge, Computer Repair, Nerds On Call

Have fun taking and creating your favorite 4th of July shots this holiday!

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