4th of July Party Planning Tips to Reduce Stress

I’ve experienced it a thousand times, the last minute stress that turns us party planners into Tasmanian Devils that sweep through the house at a pace of crazy, plowing over anyone in the way – or screaming at them to get out of the way!  Our expert guest bloggers also know the feeling.  Learn a few time-saving tricks that will help you pull off your 4th of July Party with less stress and more enjoyment!

Keeping Your Party Planning Sanity

  • Decide what traditions are important to you and forego the rest. Figure out how to make the holiday meaningful for your family. Your family takes their cue from you, and no one will enjoy the holiday if you feel stressed.
  • When you know that there are going to be several parties in a short period of time, insist that your family has down time at home to regroup. Not only is it enjoyable to relax when things are busy, sometimes this is the most precious time of all.
  • If you entertain, keep a list of everything you prepare or order. Make notes about what you’ll need more or less of next year.
  • When planning the logistics, build in time for you to soak in the tub before your guests arrive, and plan your cooking so you can mingle with guests right when they arrive.

Barbara Reich, Organizational Expert, Resourceful Consultants

Independence Day Party Decor Made E-Z!

Being a self-proclaimed social butterfly, I love hosting parties and casual get-togethers in celebration of special days (such as birthdays) and holidays (such as Independence Day). The biggest challenge in preparing for a party is time management the day of the event. With all kinds of last minute details to attend to (uncorking wine bottles, warming the appetizers, putting out the food, etc.), I find that decorations get thrown to the bottom of the to-do list because so often I run out of time. But why should they?!

Party decorations add color, a festive touch, and really make an event feel like a special celebration. So in my quest to find party decorations that are fast, easy to use, and affordable, I came across a remarkable product that has saved me time, money, and effort. The product is called the Yankee Doodle Dandy E-Z Balloon Kit.

It features a portable, recyclable helium tank and attached inflation nozzle + assorted color self-sealing, pre-strung (ribbon attached) latex balloons. I can’t believe how amazing this product is! Not only is the kit portable (so I can take it directly to the site of my party, such as the beach or venue), but it is also recyclable and disposable.

Christina-Lauren, Lifestyle Blogger & Glamour Magazine Glambassador, Inspirations and Celebrations

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