Sun-Proof Your Skin

Skin Care AdviceHere is some skin care advice to help you avoid sunburn damage!

Application – The biggest mistake we make is not using enough sunscreen and not reapplying it. It takes 1 ounce to cover your body properly. And, no matter what sunscreen you use, you have to reapply it immediately after swimming or every 2 hours.

Bronzer – Get your glow and stay protected with new SPF-laced bronzers.

Burn Fix – If you get burned, drink water to rehydrate, then smooth on post-sun moisturizer with vitamin E to soothe the skin.

Cover Up – Look for clothing with at least a UPF 30 (UPF is how clothing manufacturers measure protection) to wear when you’ll be outside for a while.

Dark Chocolate – A recent study shows that people who ate a diet supplemented with flavanol-rich dark chocolate were less susceptible to the aging effects of the sun.

ExpirationA bottle of SPF won’t last more than a few weeks if you’re using it properly. If it does, toss it after a year because the formulation deteriorates over time.

Iron – Tap water contains low levels of iron that remain on the skin even after you shower and iron molecules react and form skin-damaging free radicals when exposed to the sun. Choose a sunscreen that contains chelators (organic compounds that neutralize iron).

JojobaThis botanical protects skin against free-radical damage and soothes irritation.

Lips Tip – Glass acts like a magnifying glass on your lips, increasing your risk for skin cancer. Prep your lips with an SPF 30 balm before applying gloss.

OvercastYou still need SPF! The sun’s UV light does get through on cloudy days. In fact, certain clouds can actually increase UV intensity by reflecting and refracting sunlight.

Prescription Meds – Almost half of all medications can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn and some prescriptions require you to avoid sun completely. If you take medication, ask your pharmacist if your meds have this side effect.

Quick Spray – It takes 15-20 seconds of misting to dispense the 1 ounce needed.

UV Decoded – You need both UVA and UVB protection. UVA is for aging and UVB for burning.

Waterproof Sunscreen – Does not exist! But there are water-resistant sunscreens formulated to stay put when you sweat or splash.

Xanthine – Is found in coffee and tea. This antioxidant has been shown to “quench UV-induced hydroxyl radicals and reduce oxidative DNA damage”. So, you daily cup of coffee or tea may help you look younger by limiting the damage effects of the sun.

YeastVitamin B-rich yeast extract has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great post-sun skin soother.

Following these tips is the best skin care advice you can have when trying to avoid sunburn damage.

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