Prep Your Skin for the Summer Sun

Woman in field full of flowersAre you wishing you had golden bronze colored skin to start off the summer? Many people use tanning beds to achieve that summer glow year ’round. However, many other people believe tanning to be dangerous, contributing to an increase in the risk of skin cancer.

So, how are we to prepare our skin for the summer season when we will be spending a lot of time outdoors?

Fake It ’till You Make It!

Fake it from a bottle! Fake and Spray! Get the point yet…?  Spray Tan!

I use to fake and bake when I was younger, I even use to bake in the sun with baby oil and spray pam for double the burn. Today, I realize the importance of young healthy looking skin being the new sexy.

I do agree a little sun,(everything in moderation) and a little color always makes us feel better, feel sexier, and can even make us look thinner. But I can officially count my sun spots throughout my body which means this girl is no longer a baker. There are NO benefits of tanning in a bed. You come out looking weathered, fake, dehydrated, and tan. tanning beds are far more harmful and hazardous to our health, than natural sunlight for about 15 minutes a day that contributes to Vitamin D and peace with in our soul.

I use daily SPF with the right ingredients – Zinc and or Titanium Dioxide to block both the UVA, and UVB rays.

For summer color I indulge in an Organic Spray tan, then maintain the tan with either tan towels or self- tanning lotion. Spray tans are affordable, easy, long lasting, and the best part, safe. See, no one said that color isn’t pretty, it is how you get the color that makes you pretty!

I would rather sit outside and enjoy the beauty.

Mindy Black, Esthetician, Inner Beauty SkinCare, Inc

How do you prep your skin for the summer sun?

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