How To Benefit From The Sun!

iStock_000012729670XSmallNow that summer is upon us, it is time to cover up that skin to prevent risks of sunburn and skin-cancer, or is it? Reverse medical opinions are now proving that skin-cancer prevention has gone too far and is becoming a dangerous and slippery slope towards vitamin D deficiency.

New studies show that vitamin D being manufactured by our bodies once exposed to UV light in turn strongly reduces the risk of heart disease, cancers, diseases, and much more. So, why stay out of the sun to prevent the risks of sunburn if that will then just increase the risks of other health issues?

Vitamin D also does other wonders for our bodies. When our vitamin D levels are increased, we experience better moods, have more energy, and can even lose weight faster. Weight loss is often triggered by our metabolism boosting thyroid hormone known as T3. This hormone, in order to work, must bind to cellular receptors in the body- Vitamin D actually aids in this process.

So, before you decide to stay indoors on those sunny summer days, think of the benefits Vitamin D has on the body. Use sunblock to prevent sunburn, and then, ultimately, reap the healthy and slimming benefits that come with the amazing things our body will do once exposed to UV light!

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