Every Step Counts in Your Skin Care Routine

hair-care-tipsIt is often hard to tell if moisturizing is the right thing to do for our oily skin issues. However, just like it is important to find a balance in organization, it is important to find a proper balance to our skin. Moisturizing oily skin is a must!

Learn why it is important to include this step in our beauty regimen so our glands don’t go into over-production, causing our skin to be even more oily.

Take Every Step

You have to moisturizer oily skin, but you can incorporate other skin care products to balance out the oil. Many women do not realize that there are other steps they could take to get rid of that oily appearance on their skin. It first starts with a good facial cleanser and I really happen to like Cleansing Oils.

A moisturizer is the key that will mattify the oils. Try using a moisturizer that has a gel consistency. It will absorb excess oil to refine the skin for a matte, yet radiant, complexion.
The last step is to tone the skin. Toning the skin sets it and will purify the skin, making pores instantly appear tightened and minimized.

Josephine Fusco, Makeup Artist and Skincare Expert, Makeup by Josephine

What Ingredients are Best for Oily Skin?

If people truly have oily skin and have no evidence of skin irritation then I recommend moisturizing oily skin. If someone’s skin is dry or irritated, I recommend a product with hyalaronic acid as the main ingredient which is a hydrator as it doesn’t increase oiliness and feels healing.

Dr. Amy Taub, Dermatologist, Advanced Dermatology, Lincolnshire, IL

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