Do You Really Need to Moisturize Oily Skin?

Degrease, Moisturize, Repeat

As a dermatologist, this is a very common complaint I get. The important thing to remember is to divide your regimen into stages. Using a degreasing face wash that contains salicyclic acid or other natural enzymes will remove the excess sebum (oil) of your skin without causing irritation.

Avoid drying agents such as leave-on benzoyl peroxide gels. After your wash, a very light lotion or cream should be applied. Avoid heavy ointments as they can clog your oil glands. I recommend Neuderm Beta Cleanser as an excellent way to keep oil under control. It contains salicyclic acid and papaya enzymes for a mild yet effective degreasing regimen. As a moisturizer, I recommend EltaMD products or Aveeno positively radiant series.

And finally, always make sure your moisturizer has sun protection (SPF) for a full healty skin.

 Ahmet Altiner, M.D.  Dermatologist, Founder of Neuderm Skin Care, Neuderm Skin Care,       

Moisturize Oily Skin

During the winter, even oily skin can dry out.. Cold outside temperature and heated indoors can dry out skin. Oily skin patients may need to apply a thin layer of moisturizer.. Moisturizers for oily skin should be oil free, labeled water based or light.
Moisturizers can keep water from leaving the skin and can seal in water. Oil based ingredients such as mineral oil, lanolin, petroleum should be avoided.  Application should be to moist skin, a few drops spread across the skin rather than heavily applied.
Water based ingredients, such as lactic acid, glycolic acid hyaluronic acid or glyerin should be looked for. It should be applied to clean skin after washing. Moisturizer should be applied sparingly; and even people with oily skin may require a more lubricating eye creme since this area often is dryer, since there are less sebaceous or oil glands in this area.

— Dr. Glenn Kolansky, Board Certified Dermatologist in Red Bank, New Jersey,

There you have it! You do need to moisturize oily skin! For more information, be sure to check out our sister site and this article on tips for dealing with oily skin.

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