Cleansing Tips for Different Skin Types

Cleansing Skin CareThe most important cleansing skin care tip is to rinse well!  After washing your skin, make sure you thoroughly rinse off all of the cleanser.  If any is left on your skin, it may continue to cleanse, which causes dryness and irritation.

DID YOU KNOW tap water alone will only remove around 65% of the dirt and oil on your skin.  That’s why skin cleansers were created.  They work as agents to remove dirt, excess natural skin oils, bacteria, cosmetics, and exfoliated surface skin cells.  To get the most out of your cleanser, choose one that’s appropriate for your skin type like oily, dry, or normal.

Cleansing Skin Care Tip #1 – Sensitive Skin

Cleanse with gentle, milky, water-soluble lotions, and tepid water.  Avoid gels or soaps that contain drying alcohol, preservatives, or strong-acting acids.  Avoid exfoliating scrubs or astringents, which can cause inflammation.

Cleansing Skin Care Tip #2 – Dry Skin

Use a cleansing cream that contains non-detergent and rinses off easily.  Use hard-milled cleansing bars and gentle face cleansers for drier skin, or try a liquid cleanser with a cleansing sheet that won’t strip away essential oils on the skin.  Stay away from hot water – it makes your skin lose moisture.

Cleansing Skin Care Tip #3 – Oily Skin

Use a gentle, foaming facial wash to remove dirt and oil without stripping away the fats that are needed to maintain moisture.  Oily skin types should avoid wax-based cleansers, which can clog oil-prone pores.

Cleansing Skin Care Tip #4 – Combination Skin

Use a foaming facial wash in the mornings to keep oily areas clean.  In the evening, use a cream cleanser to soothe dry areas.  Indulge in a regular clay-based masque to help an oil-prone nose, chin, and forehead area while a cream or gel masque will moisture dry areas of the face.

Cleansing Skin Care Tip #5 – Normal Skin

Experiment with various liquid and soap gels to cleansing sheets.  Choose a mild cleanser or gel cleanser and rinse with tepid water.  Soap usually works well for the hands.  Mild cleansers should be used even if you have normal skin.  Use it on folds and genital areas.


Why is cleansing skin care important?  The best cleansers are non-irritating, safe for sensitive skin, and won’t clog pores or cause acne.  Your skin’s surface becomes clogged with debris, sweat, air pollution, excess oil, and bacteria.  If you cleanse your skin with regular soap (they are made from fats, oils, and salt) and your skin is sensitive, the soap can plug hair follicles, leaving your skin dry and flaky.  As soaps can excessively degrease the surface of the skin, it can also increase bacteria, leading to cellular damage.

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