Beauty Advice for Rosacea Sufferers

Rosacea SufferersOf all the skin conditions out there that women suffer from, Rosacea can in some ways be the cruelest. Most well known for the redness caused by the pooling of blood under the skin, Rosacea sufferers are also oftentimes marred by acne-like pustules. It is this acne-like appearance that often leads Rosacea sufferers to use acne-like tricks of the trade in their beauty skin care routines.

Causes of Rosacea

However, unlike acne, Rosacea is sometimes caused by the harsh chemicals and medications used to treat common acne. It is therefore, imperative for Rosacea sufferers to understand their unique beauty skin care secrets, skin care advice and beauty tips specific to their condition.

Treatments For Rosacea

The number one, most important skin care tip for a Rosacea sufferer is to keep things simple. Avoid soaps, moisturizers and make ups that contain harsh chemicals. Opt instead for mild soap and sensitive skin products. Never use a chemical based acne medicine to treat the acne like pustules and stay away from all harsh skin care products like specialty masques. The rule of thumb here is less is more!

A great beauty tip for Rosacea sufferers, understand the right tint for you. Rosacea rarely presents itself until later in life after most of us have gone through our “am I a winter, autumn, summer or spring?” stage. Don’t be fooled, your skin tone and all the research you did to find what looks best of you, goes out the window when Rosacea is present. Caking on the makeup will not help either. You need to find a sensitive skin base with a green tint. This beauty tip is key, that subtle green tint will bring down the redness and give you a flawless non-caked appearance.


Look for alternatives. Everyday things change and new products are released on the market. The beauty secrets of the well put together include knowing what the newest trend is before it is the newest trend. One great discovery for Rosacea sufferers is the use of a mineral foundation. Mineral make up is free of the chemical base found in traditional cream foundations. For the truly sensitive Rosacea sufferer the use of a bismuth oxychloride, biron nitride, mica, silk, or rice free formula may be the beauty secret you’ve been looking for. These products not only assist in the visual disappearance of rosacea, the use of chemical free natural makeup and skin care overall lend a helping hand for a healthier more youthful complexion.

Beauty advice for Rosacea sufferers can be confusing and diverse which makes it all the more important to be educated and aware of all your options and make the best choices for your condition.

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