Summer Sensitive Skin Care Tips

iStock_000012729670XSmallFor sensitive skin, stick to the simple regimen of exfoliating, hydrating and protecting. Exfoliate two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells and prep your skin for re-hydration. Renew your skin with moisturizers full of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Complete your routine by wearing sunscreen of at least SPF 30!

Make your skin look great by treating it with a full body scrub to exfoliate rough, dry skin cells. Choose from a variety of different scrubs from Citrus Scrubs to a Chocolate Scrub to a Champagne Scrub! Your skin will get replenished with nutrients and hydrated with necessary vitamins in moisturizing creams, leaving your skin with a youthful glow.

Before you get out in the summer sun, give your face some attention. Facials are recommended every four to six weeks. Genevieve Clark an Esthetician from Sherif Zaki Salon & The Oasis Spa says,

“To help prep your skin for summer, a skin lightening treatment is great for dry skin. This helps to refresh your skin, stimulate and increase blood flow, reduce pigmentation and brighten skin tone.”

As the sun is very depleting, it is important to get a facial that uses plenty of enzymes and peptides. These replenish your skin with vitamins and nutrients that will keep your face stimulated and firm.

Don’t forget to get a waxing hair removal service along with your body scrub, spray tan and facial. Also try the new hair threading technique that is great for sensitive skin as it requires no harsh products like wax. This will leave you carefree with more time to enjoy your on vacation. It is important to have this service performed by a professional to help protect your skin. Estheticians provide experience; they prep the skin properly, pull the skin properly and get the best angle for waxing for a less painful and a more calming experience. Becky Oliver states,

“We can look at the skin and tell if someone might be sensitive and we can recommend the right product to use before and after the service.”

Finish off your look with Aveda Makeup, using a matte sunscreen underneath your concealer and foundation to help set the makeup and control shine during the heat. Oliver uses Jan Marini, a great facial primer, underneath makeup or after sunscreen that acts as a cushion and gives the appearance of firmer, tighter skin. This summer use a bronzer with a soft pink blush. Try a shear lighter color palette with peach tones for your eye color. Don’t forget your lip gloss for evening events!

Genevieve Clark / Becky Oliver, Esthetician, Sherif Zaki Salon & The Oasis Spa

What is your favorite summer sensitive skin treatment?

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