Sensitive Skin Care Tips You Can Use

Sensitive Skin Care ProductsIf you experience redness, swelling or rashes with the use of a new facial product you probably have sensitive skin. For those of us who have this issue, finding sensitive skin care products can be very difficult. It can turn the process of switching beauty products or trying new make-up choices very stressful. You must always use discretion when selecting or switching facial products and makeup.

Do You Have Allergies?

Are you allergic? If you have seasonal or food allergies, they may also affect how you react to certain products making the process of finding better sensitive skin care products more difficult. Some of these products, sensitive and otherwise may contain fruit, vegetable, wheat or oatmeal derivatives.

What Are You Alternatives?

Most name-brand facial products; cleansers, masques, toners and makeup contain harsh chemicals. If you find that your skin is not happy with these types of products look for natural alternatives. For example, an avocado or cucumber masque and a moisturizer with soy protein.

Do A Test Run

When you have sensitive skin, you are always on the lookout for new sensitive skin care products. When you find a new product you would like to try, don’t go overboard right away. First do a test on your skin. Select a small area, preferably on the side of your face, and then apply and use the product as directed to determine whether the product works for your skin.

Balance Your Skin

Believe it or not both dry and oily skin types can suffer from sensitive skin, which makes finding sensitive skin care products tricky. By balancing your moisture levels, you can help to manage your symptoms. For oily skin look for products that help eliminate excess oil, and for dry skin look for products that add moisture; Aloe Vera based products can help keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

Find a Good Dermatologist

In order to really determine the best way to take care of your sensitive skin, consider consulting a qualified dermatologist to discuss the best sensitive skin care products for your skin.


Managing sensitive skin can be confusing. You may need help and guidance to identify your specific issue and determine what sensitive skin care products you should be looking for. Start by making sure to address any allergy issues that may be affecting you, see a dermatologist if needed and always remember to wear sunscreen that contains no less than an SPF of 15.

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