How To Manage Your Sensitive Skin!

Dry Sensitive Skin CareSensitive, dry skin can be very difficult to manage. For those who need dry skin care, here are some tips to help you manage the depletion of moisture in your skin and achieve proper dry sensitive skin care

Remember, use products with less 10 ingredients, which will reduce the risk of them containing something you are allergic to.

Oil vs. Water

Dry skin is a challenge all year long; however, in the wintertime when it is colder the use of oil based products is the best face care for sensitive skin. As opposed to oily or combination skin, the use of oil based products is good for dry skin as they create a protective layer that retains the vital moisture needed. A great face care for sensitive dry skin tip is the use of a good night cream. Most night creams are oil based, however, be careful as not all oils are ok for the face. Look for non clogging oils like avocado, mineral, primrose and almond. When looking for a good all over face cream look for humectants like glycerine, sorbitol and alpha-hydroxy acids as these attract moisture.

Sun Screen

Regardless of the temperature outside, proper dry sensitive skin care always includes sunscreen. The effects of the sun on dry skin are obvious in the summertime. Too much sun will zap the moisture out of your skin adding to your problem. However, this can be a problem all year long, for example the winter snow glare combined with winter sun can still damage your skin.


To alleviate all of the environmental factors that can deplete the moisture from your skin, incorporate humidifiers into your life to provide proper face care for your sensitive skin. In the winter, heating systems blast hot dry air which zaps moisture out of the air wreaking havoc on dry skin. By using humidifiers in your home and office, you can replace this moisture and help prevent your skin from drying out. Humidifies can be attached to your central cooling / heating system or used as free standing units throughout your house.

Skin Care Products

The cornerstone for proper dry sensitive skin care  is the choice of serious skin care products. First and foremost avoid peels, clay based masks and alcohol based toners and astringents that can strip the oil from your skin. For dry skin try cleansing milk or mild foaming cleanser and if you prefer toner choose one with no alcohol. 

No Hot Water

Regardless of the weather or season, make sure to only use warm or cold water as hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in skin which results in the loss of moisture. Be extra careful and only take short baths & showers regardless of the temperature 


Throughout the year treat your dry skin consistently regardless of the season or the weather. Use only oil based products to protect your skin, keep moisture in the air and protect your skin from the sun all year long top ensure you are doing everything you can to provide good dry sensitive skin care.  


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