Physiology of the Skin.

Phys-i-ol-o-gy: The way in which a living organism or bodily part functions.

I’m not going to get into anything scientific here, but skin is much more than just its physiology.

It is the outside of our inside. A reflection of how we live and how we feel, from our emotions to our lifestyle.

Skin Care Products

There are those who see their skin as nothing more than an outer covering, little more than a protective lining outside of the body. It’s cleaned, polished and treated with highly processed, synthetic products, just as if it were an object; like a machine.

Our humble skin is our bodies’ largest organ and excreting gland. It helps regulate, detoxify and harmonize our bodies systems.  It’s your first line of defense and an integral part of the immune system, protecting us with its diverse Acid Mantle. (The acid mantle is a very fine, slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin acting as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants that may penetrate the skin).  The skin also cools and warms us. It’s reactive to emotions, responsive to lifestyle, and adaptive to temperature. These are some examples what your skin does for you, every day.

Our skin is truly amazing and it needs to be because it survives on very little and has to tolerate many challenges from environmental pollution, sun & wind exposure, chlorine, sweat and dirt (even more for our active outdoor enthusiasts) and topical chemicals from products used on it. Just the human face has about 200,000 pores. When pores open to expel sweat, they also can absorb what has been applied on it. Your skin is the reflection of how you live.

Unlike a machine, the skin glows brighter when we’re happy, it lights up when we smile, it blushes when we’re embarrassed and it shows when we’re tired, stressed or sick. The skin responds and reacts to a healthy lifestyle and it also absorbs products that are applied on it.

A skin care regimen should be thought of as important as a healthy wholesome diet. Many people won’t eat food with artificial fillers, chemical pesticides used on it, or chemical preservatives. Skin care products should be thought of like healthy, wholesome foods. What you do to your skin-you do to you.

What do you do for your skin?

Sandy Alcide

Sandy Alcide’s articles have been featured in notable magazines and websites. Sandy is the founder of Motion Medica skin care and the President of the American Athletic Skin Care Association, raising awareness for the rise of melanoma among outdoor athletes. She can be reached at

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