Naturally Protect Your Skin Using Antioxidants

To nurture our youthful skin, the first step is finding adequate skin protection.  Sun damage to our skin speeds up the aging process.  So, when choosing the right routine for you, be sure to do your research!

Learn what ingredients to look for when shopping for your natural sun protection.

Great Skin Protection Begins with Natural Antioxidants

When it comes to protecting your skin from the harmful aspects of sunlight, “natural anti-oxidants” are the words you want to remember. Why? because “oxidants”(free radicals) cause sun damage each time your skin is exposed to sunlight–reflected and direct. Natural anti-oxidants–like green tea, natural vitamin E, and Date Fruit Extract– soak into your skin to protect skin cells from being damaging by oxidants.

Thus, a lifetime of youthful skin begins with a daily anti-oxidant routine. You would think that traditional sunscreen would do the trick. If you do, it would be your first sun protection miss-step. The truth is, the definition of a sunscreen is a lotion or oil that uses FDA approved “active ingredients” to filter sunlight. Unfortunately, this is where traditional sunscreen misses the boat, because filtering sunlight has nothing to do with the preventing oxidant skin damage.

Instead of trying to pick the right Sun Protection Factor (SPF) on a sunscreen label, start looking for an all natural sunscreen that includes a complete anti-oxidant mix. The sunscreen formula will naturally filter a good percentage of sunlight on top of your skin, while controlling the development of oxidants that seek to damage skin your cells.

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What ingredients do you include in your natural skin care routine?

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