Top Ten Summer Foods to Reduce Sun Damage

There are plenty of summer foods to choose from that have our mouths watering.  But, did you know that you can choose foods to eat that will help fight sun damage?

Our expert guest blogger and holistic nutrition and wellness coach, Ling Wong, has provided us with the following list of summer foods that promote healthy skin:

1. Blueberries and Pomegranates – rich in antioxidant anthocyanins, which help protect you from fine lines and dryness.

2. Dark Chocolate – flavonoids protect the skin from sun damage.

3. Spinach – vital nutrients and antioxidants help fight inflammation and free radical damage.

4. Walnuts – omega 3 and vitamin E make for smoother skin, healthier hair and stronger bones.

5. Yogurt – zinc helps calm skin inflammation and help cell regeneration.

6. Tomatoes – lycopene protects the skin from sun damage

7. Kiwis – vitamin C stimulates collagen production and repair damage to skin-cell DNA.

8. Edamame – isoflavones in soy ease inflammation and slow down collagen breakdown.

9. Sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash – the body turns beta-carotene into skin-smoothing retinol.

10. Green tea – antioxidant catechins help prevent certain cancers and stave off sunburn.

Ling Wong, Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Thoughts For Foods Holistic Health

How has including the right foods in your diet helped you maintain healthy skin?

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