Get Your Summer Glow Early at a Day Spa

Planning a trip to a day spa? It’s always important to be educated on the variety in skin care choices that you find most suitable.

Day Spa Skin Treatments

At a spa, varying skin treatments are provided with the intent of cleaning and polishing different aspects of the body. Say it’s “the works” you’re looking for: a deluxe skin conditioning or the exfoliating body polish offer a hydrating formula mixed with an aroma of choice. This formula doubles as a polishing AND softening treatment.

Day Spa Facial Treatments

But what if you want to keep it brief and feel your face is in need of most crucial attention? Look to a facial option that focuses on lifting dead skin cells and evening out skin color. These treatments offer a diminishing of unwanted colorization and dark spots within a 90-minute span.

For more “concrete” eyesores like wrinkles, fine lines and chafed roughness, a skin renewal service is a good option. A renewal is designed to lift and firm the skin, improve its smoothness and tone, and reduce aging signs.

Make a “Date” at the Day Spa

But who says you have to spend your day alone? Treat your significant other to a surprise listing of choices fit just for him. Whether it’s a massage for him or a couple’s session, an oil massage or a steamed wet shave, is a wonderful way to share your time at the day spa.

Above all – remember to relax and have fun! Spending time at the day spa can be great for your skin – and for your overall emotional and mental health. So, enjoy your time and soak in all of the benefits!


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