Do You Know the Food Secrets for Beautiful Skin?

The importance of the phrase, “we are what we eat” is highly underrated. The fact of the matter is that everything you consume not only affects your weight and your health it's also the secret to beautiful skin.

The research and advice on the subject is endless, one can find information on the topic in beauty and health magazines and health articles wherever you look. How do you cut through the clutter to find the best advice on the secret to beautiful skin? Most resources out there are good but narrowly focused.  Have you ever wondered, “Where can I find a resource that can tell me – What foods are good for my skin, Why are they good for my skin, complete with recipes?

A one-stop shop offering, among other things, the secret to beautiful skin. “Must-Know Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty” is just such a resource. Let’s take a look to see what this helpful guide can offer up on food secrets for beautiful skin and how they can help you to have beautiful skin!

Let’s start with “The 5 Food Secrets For Beautiful Skin!” – Pg. 45

“……Food secrets for beautiful skin factors are influenced by the following health and beauty secrets:

The Attackers

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules produced by the body during oxidation. ‘Typically, when free radicals are in our blood, they increase to let our body know we are fighting an infection. Furthermore, these free radicals cause a reaction called lipid peroxidation, breaking down natural fatty acids that protect our skin.’”

Your Main Defense against these attackers is as simple as the daily consumption of antioxidants and/or other immune-boosting nutrients.

5 Tips to Find the Secret to Beautiful Skin

Carotenoids – provide a good source of Vitamin A, and are in foods that come from plants high in beta-carotene such as carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, and tomatoes.

Plants – are useful in boosting your immune system and contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proteins that penetrate the epidermis and ward off skin problems.

Vitamin E – is a common immune system stimulant and free-radical fighter. It is found in vegetable oils, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals and supplements.

Essential Oils – Essential oils play an important part in keeping your immune system healthy. For example, the soothing properties of chamomile assist in healing irritated skin conditions, while lavender may stimulate cell activity, warding off infection and other skin conditions.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Dietary sources of omega-3 fatty acids are found in mackerel, tuna, salmon, fish oil, avocados, olive oil, flax seeds, and walnuts.

Now that we know what to incorporate into our diet and why, let’s take a look at how; “Must-Know Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty” can help you learn how to incorporate this into your daily diet.

“Eight Food Secrets for Healthy Skin” – Pg. 59

“Want Smooth, Supple, Wrinkle-Free Beautiful Skin? Try super food secrets for healthy skin. Here are eight secrets in seven super foods that will keep your complexion glowing and give you beautiful skin. Scientific Skin Care, Lotions and Potions…they’re all great, but have you ever heard the phrase "Beauty Comes From Within?" Eat super foods for healthy skin and you'll look younger and feel better. Incorporate these Eight Super Foods into your diet and help erase lines and “glow” up your skin.”

  • Egg Whites provide protein that helps produce collagen, boost your immune system and they are a great source of zinc, which helps keep the skin young, firm and vital.
  • Pomegranates soften your skin! This fruit is packed with Vitamin C, ellagic acid (fights damage from free radicals) and punic alagin (a super nutrient that increases your body's ability to preserve collagen.)
  • Olive Oil contains heart healthy omega-3's, which improve your circulation, leaving skin rosy and supple.
  • Watermelon contains lots of Vitamin C, Potassium and Lycopene. These ultimate antioxidants help to regulate the balance of water and nutrients in cells.
  • Blueberries contain more fiber and antioxidants than any other food and can give your skin the benefit of protection from skin damaging free radicals.
  • Green Tea is a healthy brew great for your diet and boosting your metabolism, it contains "catechins," an effective compound for preventing premature aging and effects of sun damage.
  • Cold-Water Fish; Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids which strengthen skin-cell membranes and helps to hydrate the skin.
  • Spinach & Kale are loaded with betacarotene and lutein.

And if that weren’t enough “Must-Know Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty” also contains helpful recipes to help you make these foods a part of your daily health and beauty regime.

Nutritious Finger Food Recipes – pg 278

Recipes Higher in Vitamin E – pg 279

Recipes Higher in Protein – pg 280

Recipes using common Antioxidant Ingredients – Pg 282

“Must-Know Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty” is a one of a kind eBook that gives you health and beauty tips to look and feel better. Written for women of all ages, this eBook can provide you with the secret to beautiful skin, health habits to incorporate into your skin care regime and helpful hints and recipes to help you maintain healthy skin. In addition to helping you discover healthy foods and eating habits, “Must-Know Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty” is packed with skin care tips, beauty secrets and health advice to look and feel your best, easily organized in one book.

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