A Natural Regimen to Balance Oily Skin


Moisturize for A Natural Balance of Oil Production

There are many who walk amongst us that have oily skin, but also have issues with dryness. How can this be possible? There are many reasons, but one of the most common issues we see are people using strong products on their skin in hopes to reduce oil. These stronger products can range from acne type regimens all the way to the anti-aging variety. When these forms of skin care are used people must always use a moisturizer.
When skin receives constant oily stripping ingredients, it naturally tells the oily production unit that it needs to increase producing oil. It’s a vicious cycles that will continue until a moisturizer is used. A good balance of the skin can take a few weeks to reach it’s normal, healthy state of oil control. Look for moisturizers that are extra light and are specifically made for oily skin.

— Megan Franks, Operations Manager, Esthetician, Paradise Skin Products, http://www.ParadiseSkinProducts.com


Promote the Production of Natural Oils

For me, with partly oily and partly dry skin, I love to cut a slice of cucumber and release the juice by poking it, then smearing it on my face before I use the best face care in the world, organic, completely natural oils. Yes, oils!

My friend, Julie, has done years of research and developed a collagen serum which can be used day and night on eyes and face as your basic face care.  It includes totally natural oil for sunscreen too!  Julie says, “In my research, I found that one reason oily skin is oily, is because it's off balance. Glands try to produce more oil to hydrate the skin, which is actually dry skin!”  Her product turns that around, using natural non-greasy oils, which are sometimes referred to as "dry" oils.  They soak in rather than sitting on top of the skin.  They absorb into the cells to hydrate them and the production of oil begins to normalize.

— Julie, CEO, Skinsmoothy.com, http://www.Skinsmoothy.com

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