Good Breast Health Tip

When asked the question "What Measures Do You Take To Protect Your Breasts", Dr. Dourmashkin had this reply:

"I take the supplement Indole 3 carbinol (400mg) per day as well as 5,000 IU's of Vitamin D.  I am actually going to ask my doctor again if this level is safe.  He recommended that a few years back.
I am also going to schedule a thermography test soon as I do not feel that mammograms are safe or all that effective.  As you know there is much controversy surrounding that one.
And of course, when taking bioidentical estrogen always better to take with some estriol to possibly lower breast cancer risk.  This is typically taken as bi-est which also does not contain the stronger estrogen, estrone.  Many doctors no longer work with tri-est which contains estrone."

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