Dr. Teri’s Favorite Skin Care Tip

Skin Care TipOne of my biggest pet peeves is going to bed with your make-up on.  So, my tip would be always try to remove your make-up at night.  This includes both eye make-up and face make-up.
As most of us are aware, sleeping with your make-up on can clog pores and even irritate the skin.   A back up of sebum can lead to breakouts and can hinder the exfoliation process.  You also want to cleanse so that any residue of pollution can be washed away.

Removing eye make-up (such as eye shadow and mascara) is important to avoid irritation.  Rubbing your eyes in your sleep can not only cause irritation but can also cause your eye lashes to break since mascara leaves lashes stiff.
Cleanse every night with a gentle cleanser that is pH balanced rather than a foamy or sudsing cleanser, which is too alkaline.  Use either your facial cleanser to remove eye-makeup or purchase a separate gentle eye make-up remover. And if you are too tired or not feeling well enough to wash with a cleanser and water, then at least use a non-drying alcohol free toner by swiping  face with a cotton pad.  Your pillow case and skin will thank you for it!

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