Argan Oil – A Rare and Precious Oil

Benefits of Argan OilHailed one of the “rarest” oils in the world, Argan or Moroccan Oil is extracted from the kernel nuts of Argania Spinosa, which is the official name of the Argan Tree.

Much of the Argan oil that you see on the market is produced by the Berber woman of Southwest Morocco. This is a wonderful cooperative of women who extract the precious oil from the “nuts” and it is processed entirely by hand. Not only do we reap the amazing benefits of this oil, but when purchasing Argan oil, we also support the Berber women by helping to support their local economy.

Argan oil is a fast-penetrating oil and is wonderful for both hair and skin. It is high in lipids and is made up of 80% fatty acids. It contains an abundant amount of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. While wonderful for dry skin, a recent study found in Pub Med indicated that it shows promise in helping to reduce sebum production. Therefore, it may also be suitable for some oily skin types as well.

Here are some benefits of Argan Oil:

  1. Argan may help to protect the skin from lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet.
  2. It is a wonderful softening agent and moisturizer.
  3. It may help to reduce irritation due to its healing properties.
  4. It may help to reduce stretch marks due to pregnancy.
  5. It provides anti-inflammatory properties which is wonderful for aging skin. Inflammation is the number one cause of aging.
  6. Since it is very rich in proteins, Argan oil helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. It may also help strengthen weak or brittle nails.

Argon oil is a great choice for dry, sensitive and mature skin. For those of you with combination or oily, I would give it a try and see how your skin reacts. Some sources state that Argan oil is comedogenic because of its high content of oleic acid. Others say, it is not comedogenic in the least and as mentioned above, the Pub Med article suggests it may be helpful in controlling sebum production. One could argue that if it can control sebum production, then it shouldn’t clog pores.

I am not dry in the least and have used other oils high in Oleic Acid and have not experienced any breakouts or issues. If you are more on the oily side or prone to breakouts and you wish to try Argan Oil, make sure that your purchase comes with a money back guarantee.


Dr. Teri Dourmashkin received her Doctorate in Health Education from Columbia University. She is the Founder and President of La Vie Celeste Skin Care Inc. La Vie Celeste brings you all natural anti-aging skincare featuring R-Lipoic Acid, a powerful antioxidant. Suitable for all skin types, La Vie Celeste is the perfect union of science and nature. To learn more visit La Vie Celeste Skin Care.


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