Why Does The Face Get All The Anti-Aging Attention?

Skin Care RegimenIt doesn’t. For those who think it does, you’re making a big mistake. While you’re trotting around thinking you look like a million, certain “overlooked” areas may be conveying an entirely different message to others. Still, there are ways to cope.

Neck & Upper Chest

These are the prime spots for visible aging. Only the skin around your eyes is more fragile. To make matters worse, many people stop the moisturizer and sunscreen at their chins, which leaves this “v-zone” more vulnerable to sun damage. Using a non-oily sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 will help ward off future damage. For a non-surgical alternative for brown spots and other discolorations using products with AHA (a natural alpha hydroxy acid) will help. Though, you must be diligent with sunscreen and avoid the sun while using products with AHA.


Even in the best of circumstances, they have it rough. Your hands are constantly exposed to the sun, and harsh hand cleansers. As a result, they often have more wrinkles, dryness and age (brown) spots than the face. Don’t leave out the top of your hands when you use sunscreen. Wearing gloves for gardening and certainly in cold weather will help a lot. At bedtime, glob hands with a good hand cream (one that doesn’t contain mostly water) and wear white cotton gloves. Wearing proper fitness gloves when weight training will help “ruff spots” on the bottom of hands such as callouses. Exfoliating the top and bottom of hands followed by a moisturizer (not hand cream) will help with appearance.


No matter what the age is-nothing makes a woman appear older than very dry, flaky chapped lips. Applying lipstick over dry chapped lips intensifies the older appearance. I’ve worked with women who are very diligent with facial care, their skin care products and overall appearance, but neglect their lips. The human eye is drawn to this no matter how radiant your skin is. When washing your face with an exfoliating cleanser, take your ring finger and gently exfoliate your lips with a repeat back and forth motion for about one minute each. After pat drying skin, take a small amount of olive oil or pure glycerin (you can find glycerin in your local drug store) and apply to your lips immediately following exfoliation. It’s been told to me by notable professionals, that cover models use this technique also to keep their lips “pouty” looking. Be sure not to transfer any of this oil to your face as it can clog pores. Follow with a moisturizing lip protection. I find the best lip protection that I recommend to my clients (which even holds up on my runs in below freezing temps) is Carmex for about a dollar a tube. Again, avoid overlapping lips and getting this on to your skin as it does contain mineral oil which clogs pores. Reapply often, even under lipstick. Using a shiny lip protection over lipstick will give you a gloss look and keep the lips soft as opposed to a lip “balm” that is wax based.


They may be difficult to examine on your own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of them. Just a few seconds in the shower with a pumice stone will work wonders. Afterward, moisturize with your quick absorbing body lotion. If roughness is stubborn, smooth your body lotion over elbows and wrap them in saran wrap for about an hour.


They work hard enough. More so for exerciser lovers who really pound on them from running and sports. The most common complaint among sports people are dry cracked heels. Not so appealing when wearing even the most gorgeous pair of open back shoes. Of course a pedicure can go a long way from turning your tootsies from beasts to beauties. In between those pedicures use a pumice stone in the shower and follow with a botanical based, and for an uplifting soothing scent, a naturally fragrant moisturizer. At night, apply moisturizer and wear white cotton socks before bed time.


Although lengthy in description, these small tips are a lot less time consuming than you think. Once you incorporate them into your skin care regimen when you’re trotting around feeling like a million-you’ll look like it too!

Sandy Alcide’s articles have been featured in notable magazines and websites. Sandy is the founder of Motion Medica skin care www.motionmedica.com and the President of the American Athletic Skin Care Association, raising awareness for the rise of melanoma among outdoor athletes. She can be reached at salcide@fbscc.com

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