What’s In Anti-aging Skin Cream Lotions?

Anti-aging skin cream lotions can help with a youthful appearance, depending both on how faithful you are in applying rich moisturizer creams and on what key ingredients are in your anti aging skin cream lotions.

The most common beneficial ingredients available without a prescription.

  • Retinol – an antioxidant derived from vitamin A.  The benefit of using an antioxidant is that unstable oxygen molecules, which break down skin cells and cause wrinkles, are neutralized.
  • Hydroxy acids – alpha-, beta-, and poly-hydroxy acids are exfoliants that stimulate production of smooth skin by removing the topmost layer of dead skin, a definite anti-aging process.
  • Coenzyme Q10 – energy production within skin cells is regulated, possibly protecting against sun damage.
  • Copper Peptides – the element copper (which is a component of all cells) is combined with tiny bits of protein, peptides.  The resultant product boosts healing, stimulates collagen production, and may help antioxidants work more efficiently – a positive factor in an anti-aging regimen.
  • Kinetin – an ingredient believed to improve wrinkles and uneven pigmentation by assisting the skin in holding moisture and stimulating the production of collagen (the protein responsible for skin strength and elasticity).  Another function of Kinetin may be to fight the unstable oxygen molecules that break down skin cells.
  • Tea Extracts – most often green tea, but sometimes black tea extracts, are used in anti aging skin cream lotions because they are anti-inflammatory and also contain antioxidants.

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