What You Must Know For Wrinkle-Free Skin Care

Wrinkle Free Skin CareDo you want to know one of the most important factors in wrinkle-free skin care?  Even though you have the best cleansing skin care program with the most expensive natural skin care products, your wrinkle-free skin care program can be a disaster, especially when using expensive natural skin care products.

Did you know that how long you keep your makeup is critically important? In this article, we’re going to tell you what to throw away and how long to keep your favorite products.

6 Important Cosmetic Tips

  1. Lipstick – Unless it smells gooey, rubbery, or no longer applies to your lips, you should be able to use lipstick for at least eight months.  If lipstick comes in contact with an infection, like a cold sore, throw it away immediately – never share your lipstick with a friend.
  2. Concealer – If you use a pan or stick formula concealer, you’ll know its gone bad when it turns elastic, tough, or cracks.  Generally, you can keep concealer for a year. If it separates, gets oily, or smells rancid before a year, throw it out.  If you keep your hands out of your concealer’s pot or pan and tightly screw on the lid, you can save it from spoiling early.
  3. Makeup Brushes – Would you believe your makeup brushes should last a year or longer? If you buy good quality, natural-hair brushes as part of your wrinkle-free skin care program – like the ones you should use for powdered products – they can last a lifetime.  To take care of the brushes, wash them at least once a week with gentle soap and warm water and then set them on a table edge to dry.  Cheaper synthetic brushes used for creams will last only a year maximum and must be cleaned at least twice weekly in alcohol-based cleaner.  Toss synthetic brushes when they get rigid, shed, or stop applying color evenly.
  4. Eyeliners – are part of any wrinkle-free skin care program and typically don’t last more than a year.  If the tip starts oozing or forms a white film – in the trash!  You can shave away germs on pencils by sharpening every few days.
  5. Foundations – Most formulas of foundation – liquids, creams, and compacts – should last up to a year if they are kept out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat.  Good wrinkle-free skin care does not work by extending your foundation once the liquid starts to separate, the cream thickens, or a compact color develops a rubber aroma.  To make your foundation last the longest, use a cotton swab when dipping into bottles.  For your compact, wash the puff or sponge every two weeks.
  6. Mascara – Health related articles suggest mascara life span is only 4-6 months. Switch-out your mascara religiously every 4-6 months, sooner if it starts smelling like burning plastic.  A leading dermatologist suggests if the mascara deposits more clumps than color, it’s time to go.  Do not take chances with eye products.  Germ-ridden formulas cause infections and eye sties.  When you buy a new tube, do all you can to safeguard it from bacteria.

Wrinkle-free skin care starts by knowing the lifespan of your key ingredients.  Use good quality anti aging creams  and natural anti aging skin care products whenever possible.  We’ve given you a few tips on how to make your favorites last longer.

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