Three Anti-Aging Solutions For Beautiful Skin

There are numerous products and techniques available today to help you diminish the appearance of aging. Herbal creams and vitamin supplements can be used to reduce the effects of aging on the skin. It’s up to you to decide which skin care advice is best for your needs, based on the number and severity of aging and the level at which it bothers you.

Use a Good Sunscreen Daily

  • The first step, recommended by dermatologists in skin care advice journals, is to use a good sunscreen everyday. This means a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, even on cloudy days when invisible UV rays are less evident. Sunscreen should be reapplied every one and a half hours during prolonged exposure, and the first application should be made half an hour before going out into the sun, in order to give the skin time to absorb the lotion. Sunscreen needs to be applied liberally and evenly in order to form an effective protective coating and prevent skin aging.
  • In order to block both harmful types of rays, a "broad spectrum" sunscreen is required. This includes both the SPF to protect against UVB, and ingredients such as avobenzone, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide, to block the deeper-penetrating UVA rays. When it comes to your skin, daily care is the key.
  • The most important skin care advice is exposing your skin to the sun for the purpose of tanning is never recommended – especially during the sun’s peak hours (Between10am and 4pm).
  • For a healthy skin glow without the risks of damaging sun exposure, maintain an active lifestyle, drink plenty of water and eat a well balanced diet. Another safer alternative to sunbathing is self-tanning lotions if you can't go without that golden or bronze tint. However, the degree of tan deemed desirable is largely a result of social conditioning and fashion fads, so as awareness grows perhaps we will see a return to a slightly paler complexion as acceptable.

Alpha Hydroxy (Glycolic Acid) Products Help Cellular Growth

  • A natural component of fruit and milk sugars, such as glycolic acid derived from sugar cane, these products are used to rejuvenate the skin and prevent skin aging with their exfoliating properties which allow for easy removal of dead skin cells.  The use of alpha hydroxy acids makes new skin more susceptible to new damage and may lead to an overall increase in sun sensitivity, so they must be used in conjunction with good sun protection.  As a general guideline, the FDA recommends an AHA concentration of 10% or less, and a pH of 3.5 or more.

Retin A (Vitamin A) Can Actually Reverse Skin Aging

  • Retin-A stimulates skin cell turnover with the visible result of peeling, so it must also be used with good moisturizers and SPF protection. The removal of old skin improves skin texture, and helps reduce fine lines and age spots.  Avoid use if there is any chance of becoming pregnant.


Protecting and caring for your skin is an important part of looking and feeling your best as you go about your daily routine. The best skin care advice there is says prevention of future damage is an ongoing endeavor, and your best bet as an effective solution to premature aging. However, with all the products and skin care tips on the market today there are numerous options for restoring your healthy skin glow. If you are still perplexed by the multitude of anti wrinkle creams on the shelf, consult the experts to put your mind at rest and give your skin the pampering it deserves. Investigate the options available to determine what works best for you, and put your best face forward.

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