Summer Skin Care Tips

Skin Care & You - Summer TipsA stable daily skin care regimen may seem like a lot of work, however, the rewards are endless. Take summertime for example, taking care of your skin all year long will be of great benefit to you during those warm weather months. If you do not follow a daily and/or weekly regime, you will definitely need to do some extra work preparing for those summer months to reverse the fall, winter, and springtime neglect, especially in cold winter weather locales.

Let’s look at what daily skin care regimen steps you can use to get your skin soft and supple and ready for those all important summertime skin baring outfits to show off your healthy, sun-kissed skin in your favorite summer dress or outfit.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Exfoliate – Every day your body sheds dead skin cells. This happens at a very fast rate and it is important that you help your body to get rid of them to avoid a dull dry look to your skin. While lotion will help, it doesn’t take care of the problem and your skin won’t glow. In order to rid yourself of these dead cells make sure to exfoliate 3 to 4 times per week. Pick up your favorite scrub and loofah and with a circular movement over the skin; start at or about your shoulder area and work downwards. Beauty tip for your face and neck; use a specialized facial exfoliate for maximum results.

Use Proper Products – One of the great things about summer is a feeling of carefree abandon. Enjoy this to its fullest; however, do not let it affect your beauty routine by being lazy about what you use or how you do some of your basic beauty steps, for example, shaving your legs. Particularly irritating to the touch and the eyes is unsightly and painful razor burn on your summertime legs. Make sure to use a mild shaving cream product, a good reliable razor and follow up with lotion to achieve soft, supple, and smooth legs to show off with your favorite summer dress.

Stay Light – As simple as it may sound, stick to a traditional summer health and beauty regimen to attain that perfect summer skin. Eat light and drink plenty of fluids to get that healthy glow. Make sure to rinse off damaging chemicals like chlorine immediately. Wear lighter makeup to avoid unsightly blemishes. As simple as it may seem, it can be hard to follow the rule of "the lighter the better". For your face, use light moisturizers and try a tinted moisturizer in place of base to keep those pores unclogged.

Remember the SPF – When you weed through your closet for those perfect summer clothes, pay close attention as well to your beauty care products. While it’s good to keep emergency sunscreen on hand all year, each summer season you should toss the old and buy new. Start fresh to ensure that you are getting the maximum protection you need to keep your skin looking healthy, not worn. Use a light lotion with SPF everyday as even covered areas of your body are not 100% protected by your clothes. When out in the sun for a prolonged period of time, apply sunscreen to all exposed areas generously, every few hours, and don’t forget to use your SPF lip balm.


During the summer months, it is sadly difficult to maintain flawless skin. Hot, humid weather can bring with it acne and sunburns. By following a proper daily skin care regimen year round and adhering to summer skin care tips during warm weather you should be able to avoid both and enjoy beautiful summer skin.

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