Skin Care Advice For Women!

Skin Care Advice For WomenThere is a ton of skin care advice for women, it’s in every beauty blog and forum. There are so many aspects to healthy skin care, starting with diet, water consumption, exercise, products, and on and on.


Best Skin Care Advice Myth's and Realities

Myth – You Should Trade Your Traditional Moisturizer For Argan Oil
Reality – Achieve a glowing complexion with argan oil. Argan oil is made of 80% monounsaturated fatty acids and contains squalene (an oil that closely resembles skin’s natural sebum oil). This makes it very hydrating for skin and hair, yet it’s light and not greasy. Plus, argan has polyphenols that neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and it boasts plant sterols that fortify skin’s protective layer, so skin appears younger longer.
Myth – Applying An Egg-White Masque Will Tighten Your Skin
Reality – For a quick tightening effect (like when you need a lift before a big night out), an egg-white masque can work wonders – although it’s only temporary. When the masque is applied, the water in the egg white is absorbed in seconds, leaving behind a film of protein that shrinks and pulls skin taut. When the masque is washed off, invisible traces of that protein, and its firming effects, are left on the skin for a few hours.  Note: If you have dry skin, you should consider including the egg yolk in the masque. Along with more protein, the egg yolk is rich in fat, which helps moisturize skin.  One Caution: Always use the freshest eggs available. Reliable skin care advice for women will always recommend fresh and natural products. Even though wearing the masque does not create the risk of food poisoning, an old egg can potentially irritate skin.
Myth – Use Mashed Banana As A Shaving Cream To Get Silky Legs
Reality – When it comes to shaving, bananas aren’t the best bet. While the tropical fruit nourishes skin and soothes inflammation with potassium, polysaccharides and vitamins A, B6, B12, and C, the texture isn’t slick enough to prevent friction from the razor. That means razor burn is more likely. Plus, the fruit’s sugary pulp gunks of the razor, causing it to mimic a dull blade. That leads to more nicks and ingrown hairs.  A better choice is an emollient shaving cream, shaving oil, or a slick hair conditioner instead.
Myth – Dab Apple Cider Vinegar on Legs to Shrink Varicose Veins
Reality – Unfortunately, there is no topical treatment powerful enough to repair the weakened valves and vessel walls that let blood pool into varicose veins. Support hose will relieve the pressure on veins and enforce healthy blood flow, which helps prevent veins from worsening over time. Another Option: Take a horse chestnut supplement. According to a recent study, an anti-inflammatory compound in horse chestnut called aescin is as effective as support hose at relieving varicose swelling. For maximum effect, take 300 mg of 16%-22% aescin twice daily.
Myth – Rubbing in Pure Vitamin E Oil to Fade Scars
Reality – As a topical agent to reduce scars, there is little evidence that vitamin E is helpful. The reason: The molecules in pure vitamin E oil (as you’d get from caplets) are too large to sink deep enough into skin for its antioxidants to rejuvenate cells. It simply moisturizes like a common lotion. Healthy skin care may act as a protectant against scarring as we age. The true secret to smoothing scars is firm massage, which revs blood flow to promote healthy collagen and breaks up tight tissue deep within skin.
Myth – Sleep on Satin To Reduce Wrinkles
Reality – A satin pillowcase does keep skin younger looking. It’s all about physics – laying on your belly or side then moving during sleep can squish skin against the pillow and hold it there for several hours, causing ‘sleep creases’ that can take a toll on skin over time. But satin slides against the pillow as you move to prevent skin from bunching. Plus, satin (especially silk-spun) is less absorbent than cotton, so it doesn’t drink up natural oils or overnight moisturizers. The result: Skin stays more hydrated.


We’ve done our best here to look at all of the available skin care advice for women and tell you the realities of a healthy skin care regimen.  The experts we checked had much to say about so-called beauty remedies and we’ve done our best to get you the truth.

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