Natural Skin Care Remedies for Dry Skin

spatreatment_0The cold is hanging on a little too long for my liking this spring season. To avoid catching spring fever with a little pampering and keep your skin moisturized and rejuvenated, try using one of these home-made natural skin care treatments.  Whether you’re fighting dry hands or chapped cheeks, these simple tips will help you win the war on dry skin.

Our expert contributors have provided us with the following home-made remedies to try that will keep us looking and feeling beautiful!

The Healing Soak

In a standard bathtub filled with tolerable hot water add: 1 cup Epsom salts, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Rose oil and 1 teaspoon of Lavender oil. Soak in this mixture for at least 15 minutes, breathing deep and slowly, deliberately and increasingly letting go of all physical and mental stress with each exhalation.

Why is it healing? The Epsom salts and hot water opens pores and acts as a mild detox. The olive oil helps to rejuvenate the skin. The Rose and Lavender oils are aromatic and help relax the nervous system. The breathing/releasing exercise is extremely stress reducing.

Dr Tom Potisk, The Down to Earth Doctor

The Essentials of Oils

Natural oils can play an important factor in keeping skin clear, fresh, and youthful. My go to oil is Tea Tree oil. It’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it the perfect natural remedy for fighting breakouts. Also, after a long day, olive oil is the perfect makeup remover. And, it has the added bonus of adding moisture to the skin and filling in fine lines over time!

An important thing to remember before using oils or any product is that they’re not all hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin it may be best to speak with a dermatologist or esthetician before using anything new.

Dhandeaka Harris-Kearse, Owner, Freelance Makeup Artist, D Attallah Makeup Artistry

Fix Dry Skin with 3 Ingredients

Problem: finger cuts, chapped alligator skin and rough elbows. Solution: hard lotion

Your dry skin is just three ingredients away from becoming smooth and split-free. The best part is that you can make it yourself with ingredients found in most health food stores: coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. Melt equal amounts of coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax together (I recommend 2 oz of each), stir with a wooden skewer, and pour into a cupcake pan. Cool to room temperature. Makes 2-3 cupcake size hard lotion bars.

To use, rub over dry skin; relief will come in minutes. Store at room temperature and keep away from extreme heat. Enjoy smooth skin this spring!

Renee Harris, Owner, MadeOn Skin Care

What are your favorite springtime skin treatments to help you heal your winter skin?

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