Get Smooth Skin While You Sleep

Pixmac000084096124Getting and maintaining wrinkle-free skin is an endless job.  Here are some suggestions on how to do it when you’re sleeping:

Wear Socks and Gloves To Bed
While this may not be the most romantic thing to wear to bed, it does work!  Lots of women moisturize their hands and feet just before going to bed but then overlook the fact that you’re really moisturizing the bed sheets.  If you slip on thin-fabric gloves and socks, it will help to keep the moisture on your skin.

Powder Sensitive Areas
Sprinkle unscented baby powder on your inner thighs, underarms, and the sensitive skin beneath your breasts.  This prevents a common skin condition called Intertrigo, in which trapped moisture fosters the growth of bacteria or fungi.

Sleep On Your Back
Sleeping face down isn’t so good for your skin.  Putting a pillow under your knees makes it easier and more comfortable to stay on your back.

Raise The Head Of The Bed
Putting blocks or bricks under the legs at the head of the bed will help reduce blood pooling and under-eye puffiness.  And, as a bonus, it may help ease your significant other’s snoring by opening his airways!

Tip:   Switch to satin pillowcases.  Your skin will slide on the pillow rather than bunching up and creasing.


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