Caring for Your “Combination” Skin

Combination skin care can be a little challenging, because the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) tends to be oily, while the cheeks and neck are generally dry.

Combination Skin Care Regimen

Cleansing – Combination skin is so common that many cleansing products are available for that skin type.  The label will describe the product as appropriate for normal/combination skin.  It is possible that you will want to use an astringent in the T-zone, but only use it once a day.

Moisturizing – Not all parts of your face will need a moisturizing product, so don’t hesitate to avoid areas where you are prone to oiliness.  Special care should be used beneath the eyes.  The preservatives found in eye cream products keep them sterile and prevent eye infections.

Cosmetics – Since moisturizer will be on the drier areas of the face, a water-based foundation may be the perfect formula for you, but it your T-zone is extremely oily, an oil-free foundation may be preferred.

Protection From The Sun – An oil-free SPF-15 sunscreen or an oil-free SPF-15 moisturizer should be used at all times.

In Summary:

  • DO moisturize only where necessary, including the tender area beneath the eyes
  • DO use water-based or oil-free foundation
  • DO use an oil-free SPF-15 sunscreen every day
  • DON’T use an astringent on dry areas
  • DON’T use an astringent more than once a day

Using the proper regimen, i.e. eye cream products, will significantly improve your combination skin care efforts!

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