Anti Aging Tips for Your Eyes

Face with splash of waterAs we discuss the many ways to make our eyes beautifully stand out, it may be a concern that we are drawing even further attention to the fine lines and wrinkles that rest there.  If you want to keep your eyes free from wrinkles and looking beautiful, try following these skin care tips from our expert contributor, who provides a simple and effective 4 step anti aging treatment.

Don’t Want Your Eyes Shouting Your Age? Follow the 4 R’s!

Crow’s feet, the fine wrinkles around the eyes, can start showing up on a person as early as their late 20s. The primary cause is from thinning of the delicate eyelid skin. This is due to the aging process, sun exposure and repetitive movement from smiling and squinting.

As we age our body reduces the amount of collagen it produces, which causes skin to lose its elasticity and firmness. To fend off these signs of aging while maintaining your inner smile and expression reacquainting yourself with your dermatologist and the four R’s:


The muscles around our eyes get a good workout. A dermatologist can use injections to help those muscles to relax, lessening the visible lines.


With age our skill loses its volume, but it can be pumped up and recontoured with injectable fillers.


To help smooth the lines, a dermatologist can use laser treatments or chemical peels.


There is nothing like getting a full night’s sleep to help beautify your body from the inside and out.

Patients often benefit from a combination of treatments that can be done in the doctor’s office and have little to no downtime. It’s important to follow up with daily sunscreen use and apply an eye cream or serum as well to make your results last. Sunglasses are a great defense against wrinkles since they help us not to squint. Wear them every day, no matter the weather. Your eyes will thank you.

Rebecca Tung, MD, Director Division of Dermatology, Loyola University Health System

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