All About White Foaming Cleanser

White Foaming Cleanser is a delicate face cleanser that helps smooth skin tone and works together with White Milk Lotion and White Essence.


This gentle, non-soap foaming cleanser rids your skin of dirt, oils, and skin impurities. Mild surfactants cleanse without stripping the skin of moisture and help your skin to retain its natural pH balance. Licorice Extract and Vitamin C help restore an even skin tone and reveal your fair complexion. Skin is left clean, clear, and radiant.


  • Age or liver spots are small flat pigmented spots, similar to freckles, that are most often seen on sun-exposed skin sometime after the age of 40. The best prevention is to use sun screen.
  • Numerous medications, especially hormones, have been implicated in skin discoloration disorders.
  • Some medications, like birth control pills or even pregnancy, can be another cause.
  • Finally, hormonal therapy by itself can have a direct impact on skin coloration. In these situations, the medication either stimulates more melanin to be produced, or suppresses the process that decreases melanin production. The result is increased discoloration regardless of the skin type or color.
  • Freckles (and some skin spots) are genetically programmed into the skin and many times are not even visible to the eye until some process makes them darken.

Treatment is simple, use the White Line and DNA Repair Crème.


  • Gentle, yet thorough, cleansing
  • Leaves skin moisturized
  • pH balanced for the skin
  • Improves skin clarity and tone
  • Natural emollients condition the skin, leaving a soft, smooth feel
  • Powerful ingredients restore an even skin tone

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