Advice for Dry Skin Care

If you have dry skin, you know that it's very important  to make sure it's taken care of properly. Listed below is a proper dry skin care regimen:

The five main causes of tight, parched dry skin:

  1. The effects of aging
  2. Using a cleanser that’s too harsh
  3. Using a moisturizer that’s not rich enough
  4. Using cosmetics that are not oil based
  5. Not having enough sun protection

Supple, radiant skin will be the reward for making a gentle dry skin care routine a daily habit.


Gentle cleansing is a must for dry skin care and to minimize the effects of aging.  Fortunately, there are plenty cleansers to try.  The three primary categories of cleansers for dry skin are:

  1. “Superfatted” soaps – often called “beauty bars”.  They contain special emollients such as olive oil or lanolin.
  2. Milky liquid cleansers – gently applied then rinsed off with warm water.
  3. Cleansing creams – that are applied with fingertips then tissued off.
  4. Moisturizing – Hydrating ingredients are very necessary in moisturizers for people prone to dry skin.  The product should be formulated with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or dimethicone.  These ingredients slow down moisture loss during the day, preventing further dehydration of the skin.  If you don’t have acne, pure olive oil can be used as a moisturizer before bed.  Of course, olive oil has no sun protectant properties, so sunscreen during the day is a must.
  5. Cosmetics – Foundation, blusher, and powder should all be oil-based.  They will have such terminology as, “hydrating”, “nourishing”, and “moisturizing” in their names.  A cream or cream-powder blusher will make your skin look dewy, as opposed to powder blushers, which will emphasize fine lines and wrinkles.
  6. Protection From The Sun – Less oil is produced by dry skin than by the other skin types, so it’s more vulnerable to inflammation.  An SPF-15 sunscreen should be used year-round or a moisturizer with added sunscreen and antioxidants can be used.  Use plenty of this protectant on the face, neck, and chest.

In summary:

  1. DO use a mild, soap-free liquid/creamy cleanser or “superfatted” cleansing bar to wash your face at night.  Just splash warm water on your fact in the morning.
  2. DO use a moisturizer that is formulated with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or dimethicone.  These prevent further dryness by inhibiting moisture loss.
  3. DO lock in moisture by applying moisturizer to skin that is still damp
  4. DO use an oil-based foundation
  5. DO use a cream or cream-powder blusher
  6. DON’T ever use a harsh soap to cleanse facial and neck skin
  7. DON’T use buffing pads or grainy/gritty cleaning products
  8. DON’T leave the house without a sun protection of at least SPF 15.  Face, neck, and chest should be protected every day, year-round.

Minimize the effects of aging and fine lines and wrinkles with a proper dry skin care regimen!

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