About Anti-aging Skin Care Procedures

There are a plethora of anti aging treatments available by a professional.  Many of the procedures performed in the U.S. are noninvasive, also called “lunchtime procedures”, and following is a brief description of the most often used:

Types of Anti Aging Treatments

  • Microdermabrasion – is popular among the 20-somethings because it will smooth the surface of the skin, an issue especially if acne scars are present.  Skin tone is also improved.  A fine spray of crystals are blasted onto the skin, removing the topmost cells.  Desired results may be achieved in fewer than a dozen anti aging  treatments, spaced approximately 2 weeks apart.
  • Botox Injections – are another popular anti-aging procedure.  The botox prevents a person from moving facial muscles where it has been injected, thus preventing further wrinkle formation.  The effect may last as long as six months.
  • Liposuction – is a fairly expensive procedure with a down-time of at least a week.  It is used to contour the body by removing excess fat cells from just below the skin.
  • Fillers – are used to plump up skin for 4-12 months.  Youthful skin is firmer and fuller than aging skin because it has plenty of collagen, which may have been lost due to the passing of time and sun damage.  Depending on the area being treated the doctor will choose human collagen, bovine collagen or any of several other popular fillers.
  • Lasers – are an anti-aging tool that can correct baggy eyes, brown spots and leg veins.   Some lasers can actually tighten the skin.  Several sessions will usually be necessary.
  • Blepharoplasty – is a way to dramatically smooth out both the upper and lower eyelids using a minimally invasive technique.
  • Chemical Peels – are useful to all ages because the formula is customized to each patient.  Gentle glycolic acid peels can be used with great success by young people, but for someone with deep wrinkles, many brown spots, or uneven skin patches, slightly harsher peels can be used.  A doctor will be the best source of advice in this matter.


With careful anti aging treatments (anti aging skin cream, rich eye cream) and protection (sunscreen, sun glasses to cut down on squinting) of the skin in early years, a complete face lift can be avoided and one of the previously described treatments may produce the effect of a healthy, glowing complexion in later years.

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