A Secret From Science For Youthful Skin

New science reveals that monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAS) support youthful looking skin as we age.  MUFAS increase the production of a super hormone that signals the body to burn off unnecessary fat. 

How science targeted MUFA intake as a fast-track to youthful looking skin

  1. In a recent study at University Hospital in Spain, a controlled group consumed specific healthy fats called MUFAS and, in addition to improving skin tone and supporting youthful looking skin, lost 56% more central body fat than those on a low-fat diet.
  2. The scientific study proved that when the intake of MUFAS increased, the body produced more adiponectin (a multifunctional super hormone found in fatty tissue).

Three benefits found to provide youthful looking skin

  1. Rev up Fat Burn – Adiponectin triggers an internal switch that tells the body to stop breaking down muscles for energy and start burning fat stores for fuel.  A recent scientific study shows that a meal containing MUFAS significantly boosts fat burn for 5 hours straight.
  2. Balances Blood Sugar – Adiponectin enhances the cell’s ability to take in glucose for fuel, lowering the amount of harmful blood sugar circulating in the blood.  This has been proven to lessen cravings for sugary foods and other carbs by up to 81%.  This improves uneven skin tone by providing a healthy glow.
  3. Reduce Inflammation – Research published in the Journal of Diabetes indicates that adiponectin reduces levels of inflammatory compounds like C-reactive protein and interleukin-6.  That’s good news since inflammation triggers a body wide stress response that leads to the over-production of the fat storing stress hormone cortisol.  This eliminates puffiness and under-eye crow’s feet over time.

Four MUFA-rich foods used in the scientific study in Spain

  1. Nuts – Women who munch on nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and walnuts eat 48 fewer calories at mealtime.  The health and beauty benefits that come from nuts supply of MUFAS are fiber, protein, and magnesium.
  2. Olives and Olive Oil – Consuming 10 olives or 2 tablespoons of olive oil slashes the appetite by 22%.  Fat slows digestion which, in turn, cause the intestines and brain to release appetite-curving hormones
  3. Avocado’sThis fruit doubles the production of a key enzyme that speeds the rate at which the liver purges fat-trapping toxins and provides basic youthful skin by eliminating fat and stretch marks.
  4. Dark Chocolate – In addition to valuable MUFAS, dark chocolate is a rich, natural source of amino acid that chemically suppresses the appetite.


Scientific evidence reveals that monounsaturated fatty acids are extremely important for youthful looking skin and one of the health and beauty secrets.  The term, nature’s medicine, MUFAS are responsible for lowering the risk of diabetes by 50%, lowering flu risk by 47%, decreasing breast cancer risk by 45%, improving memory and focus 60%, higher libido by 57%, and raising HDL (good cholesterol) by 22%.

Be sure to include a healthy portion of MUFAS in your diet for youthful looking skin and the other health benefits.

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