What You Need to Know About Acne Skin Care Part IV

This is the final chapter to our discussion on how to have beautiful skin as specifically related to adult acne, acne prone skin care, and good basic cleansing skin care.

For many women, blemishes in areas other than the face are a major problem.  Adult acne can locate on the back and chest to the buttocks, shoulders, and beyond.  Body acne can limit wardrobe options and cause feelings of insecurity.  Because skin is thicker on the body than the face, body acne can be more difficult to treat.

Facts About Body Acne

Adult acne is best beat by a good cleansing skin care program.  For body acne, a powerful wash, just like you use on the face, is key.  The idea is to keep pores clear; so find a body-wash that contains salicylic acid, which is essential for a blemish-free body.  Many washes now come in various fruit scents that help you forget it’s an adult acne fighting product.

While the location of the blemishes may be different than the face, the body acne cycle is the same.  Depending on the location, other factors may come in play and make the problem worse.

Causes of Body Acne:

  1. Sweat – perspiration acts like a film that traps oil, dirt, and debris in the pore.  If you work-out, be sure to shower immediately afterwards.
  2. Products – cheap skin care products can clog pores anywhere on the body. An anti aging skin care cream lotion that is all-natural is the best alternative.  Depending on where you’re breaking out, start by considering the products that come in contact with your skin at that point.  For the greatest line of anti aging skin care products we’ve found, go to www.ihd.myarbonne.com.
  3. Hair products, body lotions, and even detergents or fabric softeners may be to blame.
  4. Clothing – wearing clothing that doesn’t breathe, especially when perspiring, traps sweat against the skin.  Irritating fabrics can cause breakout as well as the skin reacting to the friction.


All of the good, basic cleansing skin care solutions recommended in Part I-III also apply to body acne although the back can be one of the hardest areas to treat simply because it’s hard to apply products and consistency is the key for the success of any adult acne or acne skin care program.  Find a product that comes with a tool that helps you get to hard-to-reach areas, like pre-moistened antibiotic pads to stop acne at the source.

Oily skin acne problems, particularly with adult acne, are largely due to hormones kicking the oil glands into high gear.  With oily skin, most complaints are women breaking out in the same part of the face most or all of the time.  If this occurs, double and triple check the products you are applying to that spot or any articles of clothing that may come in contact with the affected area.  Good cleansing skin care requires immediate showering or washing and carefully patting dry the skin after even mild sweating or exercise.

When you mix oil and bacteria in a clogged pore, you have the recipe for acne.  Adult acne can be especially frustrating.  By heeding the advice in this series of articles on acne prone skin care, you can stop the breakout cycle by targeting each of the elements that contribute to pimples and enjoy a clearer complexion.

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